Men's Health

Penis problems: A sex expert answers your questions

From ‘why do men cum fast?’ to ‘is blue balls a real thing’?

How a film about getting hit in the balls is tackling toxic masculinity

“I think boys and men both just struggle with being open in general."

Queer men in NZ are worried about our response to monkeypox

“If it affected heterosexuals, would vaccines be easier to obtain?”

Infertility impacts childhood cancer survivors but there may be a solution

Every year 400,000 young people aged 0 to 19 are diagnosed with cancer around the world.

Male contraceptive pill 99 percent effective in mice trial

Is it time to shift the scales of the contraceptive burden balance?

‘I had a massive identity crisis’: Joe Daymond on his return to Aotearoa | Eating Fried Chicken in…

“I remember I would sign surveys and when it would ask what nationality I was, I would put NZ/European. Because I didn’t have any association with…

'It wasn’t just the dawn raids': 4 Pacific men talk about mental health and racism in NZ | Eating…

Oscar Kightley, Church Leon & Henry Hohenberger join James Nokise in discussion of mental health.

Ahi Kōmau - He Kākano Ahau: Wawatatia, Series 2 | Episode 3:

Can mātauranga Māori help us find solutions and understanding on suicide prevention?

A near-fatal accident gave me the courage to tell my family I was trans

At 18, Mason nearly died after jumping head-first into a pool drunk. He tells his story.

Eleven stories that teach us what masculinity really means

We've rounded up a bunch of stories that show us what it means to be a man.

Toxic masculinity makes it difficult for Pacific men to be vulnerable

“Tough like an armour truck, the only medicine I know, harden up!”

Men tell us where they feel most and least masculine

The Masculinity Project is an exploration and documentation of what it means to be a man in Aotearoa

Talking to Guled Mire about his award-winning mental health series

Last night the Re: series Third Culture Minds, hosted by Guled Mire, won the Mental Health Service Awards of Australia and New Zealand’s Special Media Journalism…

It’s now easier for gay men to donate blood, as long as you haven't had sex recently

As long as you haven’t had sex in the last three months.

  • 14 Dec 20

We need to talk about grief

How does grief manifest for these men? Actors from the play Over My Dead Body: LITTLE BLACK BITCH share their experiences with grief.


Over My Dead Body:…

People living with HIV tell us how we can stop the stigma

Modern HIV medication keeps New Zealanders alive and untransmittable. Nowadays, the stigma is harder to live with than the virus itself. Re: spoke with three HIV+…

Not a Blanket Approach: Hamish's Story

After reaching his limits with depression, Hamish learnt it's okay to ask for help. Now he's advocating for rural communities to open up, and get rid…

Surviving sexual abuse

Sexual harassment and abuse isn't limited to a single gender. We sat down with Robert, a survivor, to hear his story and the effects it had…

I am a former domestic violence perpetrator

"I put a curse on my family". Domestic violence is a very real problem in New Zealand. We talked to Jeremy Eparaima about his journey from…

Chris Parker Talks about Toxic Masculinity

Chris Parker armed himself with several metaphors and unpacked why Kiwi men are known for being the strong, silent type and why that's not necessarily a…

Hair loss in men

Toupé or not toupé? Losing your hair can be a real spot of bother for some guys, so we chatted to Hamish and Eli to see…

The dreaded prostate exam

It's just a small amount of pressure that causes some to crumble... Join Baz as he takes one for the team, getting the dreaded prostate exam,…

The Barter Barber: men's haircuts and mental health

Meet the barber travelling around the country cutting hair and encouraging Kiwi men to do what they're infamously bad for: opening up about how they're feeling

Redefining the Kiwi bloke with Tough Talk

Sam O'Sullivan is a clinical psychologist tackling the notion of the Kiwi Bloke with his webseries 'Tough Talk'

The Pill - would a man be willing to be moody for the cause?

Women have been taking the pill for decades, is it time men started taking some responsibility for birth control? ?

Penis Size Sperm Theory

Does a bigger penis mean you're more likely to have a baby boy? ?

A your dick?

We talk to some guys about whether they would switch up their contraception method with an implant in their balls... ??

Not a Blanket Approach: Brad's Story

"I'm a completely new person now." Brad was a professional wakeboarder but after an accident left him paralysed, he's had to rediscover himself and his own…