Three rangatahi sit down to talk about the Treaty of Waitangi

A Māori cultural advisor, an archaeology student and a Māori health professional sit down for a picnic and ask each other questions about Te Tiriti o…

The illustrator whose art helps people see themselves differently | The Outliers

Huriana Koepke-Te Aho illustrates portraits that encourage people to see themselves in new ways.

They’re also an activist, recently lending their talents to the Protect Ihumātao movement,…

One year since police served an eviction notice at Ihumātao, the resistance lives on

One year since police served an eviction notice at Ihumātao, the resistance lives on.

Our greatest leaders have always thought intergenerationally

On learning lessons from the visionaries who plant seeds for our mokopuna to harvest.

Ihumātao: I know a world like this can exist and I’ve experienced it now

A few days after an eviction notice was served at Ihumātao in July last year, photographer Nicole Hunt (Ngāi Tūhoe, Te Arawa) arrived at the whenua.…

Kai at Ihumātao is a symbol of aroha and resistance

The makeshift wharekai and kitchen at the Ihumātao occupation is full of activity. People stream in and out of the gazebo tents carrying trays of clean…

Ihumātao in photos

Hundreds of people have gathered to protest against a new housing development planned for the land at Ihumātao (Te ihu o Mataaho). The Ihumātao occupation is…

Ihumātao Protests

Young Māori and non-Māori opposing a new housing development at Ihumātao (Te ihu o Mataaho) tell us how the struggle is grounded in New Zealand’s past.


“The true beauty of this place lies within the intangible values. They reach back beyond the narratives that historians and archaeologists and heritage practitioners and law…