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Covid update May 12: 9,392 cases, 9 deaths

398 people are currently in hospital with the virus.

The world's biggest fish is dying because ships are crashing into it

Scientists tracked 348 whale sharks that had been satellite tagged.

Covid Update May 11: 28 deaths, 7,970 community cases

Today’s seven-day rolling average of community case numbers is 7,420 – last Wednesday it was 7,746.

Covid Update May 10: 9,173 new cases, NZ passes 1 million confirmed cases

In May last year, there were only 2,288 confirmed Covid-19 cases.

Stopping sexual and family violence: Here's the government's plan

The government is spending $114.5m over four years to help prevent family and sexual violence.

NZ puts cap on carbon emissions: Here's what you need to know

The budget lays out the total amount of emissions New Zealand must cut over the next 14 years.

Covid May 6: 7,347 cases, 24 deaths

363 people are currently in hospital.

Covid Update May 3: 9,109 new cases, 20 deaths

There are currently 55,588 active community casees.

Covid update May 1: Omicron BA.4 variant detected in returnee

Two other sub-variants of Omicron have also been detected in 2 other returnees for the first time.

Covid update April 26: 6,380 cases, 508 hospitalisations

A further four deaths are being reported today.

Covid Update April 22: 9390 cases, 13 deaths

A person with Covid-19, aged between 10 and 19, has died.

Covid update April 19: 8,270 community cases, five deaths

The seven-day rolling average of case numbers continues to decline, with today's average at 7,585.

Covid update April 18: 6,242 cases, 11 deaths

The seven-day rolling average is now 7,986.

Covid update April 13: 9,495 community cases, 551 hospitalisations

A further 15 deaths are being reported today.

Covid update April 8: 9,906 cases, 10 deaths

A person between the ages of 10 and 19 has died, the Ministry of Health says.

Covid update April 5: 14,120 cases, 23 deaths

692 people are in hospital - 30 of those people are in ICU or HDU.

Covid update April 2: 11,560 cases, 23 deaths

There are 678 people in hospital - 30 of those are in ICU or HDU.

Covid update April 1: 13,475 cases, 17 deaths

Of these deaths, 15 people with the virus have died in the past two days.

Covid update March 25: 15,871 cases, 13 deaths

There are currently 899 people in hospital. 27 of these people are in ICU or HDU.

Covid update March 24: 18,423 community cases, 11 deaths

There are currently 913 people in hospital. 28 of these people are in ICU or HDU.

Covid update March 23: 20,087 cases, 11 deaths

There are 960 people in hospital with 31 of them in ICU or HDU.

Covid update March 18: 14,128 cases, five deaths

The total number of publicly reported Covid-related deaths to date is 156.

Covid update March 15: 21,616 community cases, 960 in hospital

22 people are in ICU or HDU, and two people with Covid-19 have died.

Covid Update March 11: 20,989 cases, seven deaths

Today marks the highest number of deaths reported in a single say since the start of the pandemic.

Covid update March 8: 23,894 new cases

There are 756 people currently in hospital.

Government to consider extra border exemptions for family of Ukrainians in NZ

Ukranians with a valid visa can come to Aotearoa now, without waiting for the borders to open.

Covid update March 3: 23,183 cases

85 percent of today’s community cases were detected by a Rapid Antigen Test.

Covid update March 1: 19,566 community cases, delay in processing 32,000 tests

About 9000 testing samples have been sent to Queensland to help clear the backlog.

New Zealand gets third Covid-19 vaccine

New Zealanders will soon be able to access a third Covid-19 vaccine, Novavax, this month.

Russia's Invasion of Ukraine: In Photos

The country has been bombarded by Russian artillery since Putin's invasion announcement.