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Sonny Ngatai on the history of Māori language revitalisation

Presenter Sonny Ngatai talks about his own connection with te reo Māori.

‘35’ by Ka Hao feat Rob Ruha is the TikTok anthem of Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori

We spoke to two rangatahi behind NZ's #1 hot single.

The feelgood hit ‘35’ by Ka Hao featuring Rob Ruha is the number one song on the…

The leading cause of death during pregnancy in NZ is suicide. Over half those women are Māori

Journalist Te Rauhiringa Krystal-Lee Brown shares her story of perinatal anxiety and depression.

To celebrate 50 years of Te Matatini kapa haka festival, we're making an album of the greatest…

Te Matatini is the national Kapa Haka competition that has been held every two years since 1972.

Māori voters can only switch electoral rolls once every 5 years. Is it time for a change?

“It restricts Māori ability to have an impact in these elections.”

Every five or six years, Māori voters have the choice to swap between the general electoral…

What do you look for in a partner, and do you even have those qualities yourself?

What is cheating? And is marriage still important to our generation?

I’m a pro golfer. I want to inspire other Māori on the world stage

"It was then I thought, ‘Wow, Māori can reach those heights.’”

Māoriland: the creative hub empowering story sovereignty

“It’s crucial that we rangatahi get to tell our stories."

We asked 8 rangatahi about their thoughts on racism

“That behaviour is very much alive in our country.”

What is going on at Pūtiki Bay on Waiheke Island?

“In 2021, this is definitely not the appropriate activity to be happening within our bay.”

8 rangatahi tell us what they really think about dating apps

“The only good things to come out of it would be in the bedroom…”

We asked 8 rangatahi about education in Aotearoa

“Why should people learn Māori history? Because it’s a connection to the land that we live on.”

Teaching urban Māori lost skills of how to gather kaimoana safely

“It's scary because the rate in which Māori men are drowning continues to increase.”

We asked 8 rangatahi about gender in te ao Māori

“A person is a person no matter their ‘title’. You’re still just a person.”

Behind the scenes at one of the first kura with new NCEA subject, Te Ao Haka

This year Te Ao Haka was finally introduced as a new NCEA subject.

Rangatahi preserving the art forms of their tūpuna

“Toi and creativity is just revolutionary… It can be healing, it can be activism, it’s sovereignty.”

Rongomai Hoskins and Nikau Campbell are part of a collective of…

Tā moko and facing racism in Aotearoa

“If anything, racism motivates me to keep my chin held high and carry on.” Moerangi Tetapuhi says that receiving her moko kauae has given her a…

I use social media to advocate for Māori rights

“We’re able to bring awareness to issues in a single minute.”

Rangatahi like Safari Hynes are using their online voice to bring awareness to kaupapa around Aotearoa…

How I fought to get Māori wards on local councils

“When a Māōri ward was finally voted in for our council, tears flowed down my face. I was just so happy.”

Moko Tepania played a vital role…

How Melodownz first visit to his marae for special waiata changed his life

"It’s about waiata and it’s about the language, but for me it changed my life.”

Young Māori CEOs on how te ao Māori is the grounding for success

“I want to show our rangatahi they can achieve executive levels.”

How learning te reo Māori helped me heal my mental health

“Last year, I started learning te reo Māori and my perspective on everything changed.”

Like many of our rangatahi, Katelyn Vaha’akolo struggled with her mental health as…

How it feels to be back at Polyfest

After two years of cancelations, the iconic Polyfest returned last week and came back better than ever.

Over the four-day festival, rangatahi from across Tāmaki Makaurau came…

The MMA champion connecting te ao Māori with the world of combat sports

“Before every fight I feel the presence of my ancestors.”

We tracked down the owners of Chinese Cuisine, one of Mercury Plaza’s most popular eateries

Mercury Plaza! Once the go-to spot where Aucklanders young and old would congregate for some of the best kai in town. Since it’s closure in 2019,…

TEEKS on music as a form of healing

“It’s about reestablishment or reclamation of whakaaro Māori because I know our tupuna were emotionally aware and conscious of the power and strength in vulnerability and…

I'm non verbal, but that won't stop me from speaking Māori

“For me, te reo adds another dimension to being Māori. It enables one to feel a sense of belonging and connection to their culture and I…

Connecting Māori businesses to the Pākehā world

Kahurangi Malcolm is part of the team at Amotai who are playing a significant role in the growth of the Māōri economy. Through her role as…

Maramataka: using the lunar calendar to connect to te ao Māori

18 year old Hana-Rawhiti Maipi-Clarke knows the positive influence that mātauranga Māori and in particular, maramataka Māori can bring to the way we engage with the…