Lucy Zee

My flat finally threw a period party

Daria and her flatmates throw themselves a belated period party.

Finding out how my Muslim faith views periods

Zahra Shahtahmasebi never really thought about how her Muslim faith views periods. When her’s first arrived she found herself feeling embarrassed, secretive and desperate not to…

My Indian family celebrated my period

When Sudha Kandarpa first got her period, her parents threw a celebration.

What We Learn When We Talk With Our Immigrant Parents

The creators behind Conversations With My Immigrant Parents got to sit in on funny, moving, and poignant conversations between parents and children throughout Aotearoa. What did…

How are the Australian bushfires affecting our air quality?

Australia has been batting bushfires since late July 2019. With the monumental scale of the fires, what impact is it having on our air quality?

Refill Nation: changing how communities shop

Jackson left his career in finance to open a bulk food store. And what exactly is that? Imagine a supermarket, but minus the wasteful packaging. Bring…

Young Muslims reflect during Ramadan

A group of Muslim New Zealanders gather in the Shakib family’s home for prayer, and to break their Ramadan fast together. They reflect on the many…

The miracle baby born from a tough twin pregnancy

Tori’s pregnancy with her twins was a labour of love. Here she shares the amazing story of her miracle baby.

Chris Parker judges iconic NZ landmarks

Ahead of his show 'Iconique' we asked Chris to take a look at some of the odd landmarks around our great nation and share his thoughts…

Ray Shipley talks gender

What even is gender? Ray is here to explain that those who identify as non-binary aren't trying to take anything away from those who love and…

Up/Down with Cori Gonzalez Macuer

It has been three years since Cori Gonzalez Macuer has graced the stage of the NZ International Comedy Festival and he's back with something to say.…

Quirky traits

Have you wondered why some of us can roll our tongues or turn them into clovers? Or maybe your second toe is longer than your big…

Hijab in Aotearoa

Unlike some other countries, muslim women in New Zealand can choose whether or not to wear their hijab or not. In the wake of recent events,…

Glen Innes artist Gary Silipa

Transforming the public spaces of Glen Innes one wall at a time, meet Gary Silipa: artist extraordinaire.

Bradley Lane Illuminated is on April 13th 2019 and is presented by…


The Love Movement held a workshop in Auckland to teach wāhine how to properly wear a headscarf in the wake of non-Muslim women around the country…


We've all had a Rubik's cube that's been sitting jumbled in your junk drawer ever since the frustration overcame the fun of solving the little plastic…

We reject Islamophobia. We stand together.

There was a clear message from the people today: remember the precious lives unjustly taken from us, and reject Islamophobia, reject violence.

Twenty-four hours after learning of…

Paul Walsh paints power boxes

Thanks to Paul the streets of Tāmaki Makaurau are becoming brighter. He's one of the artists painting the utility boxes around our fair city, giving local…

Re:visit - Two Kiwis take down Ribena

We're revisiting one of the biggest shockers of the decade - when two Kiwi students found out Ribena wasn't the fountain of Vitamin C it claimed…

Goodbye to Mercury Plaza, Auckland's favourite foodcourt

Mercury Plaza has long been a savvy Aucklander's favourite place to grab some top kai. Sadly, time is ticking for this little gem down Mercury Lane,…

The Best of Nana

In celebration of elderly week, we've decided to bring back everyone's fav... Nana! She's back with some of her greatest hits, from advice on sex to…

Nana's Old Wise Tales #2 - Sustainability

Nana shares wise words on why she swapped her plastic bags for sustainable totes. Be like Nana ??♻️

Dr Jeff - The Finance Guy: Student Loans

Meet Dr Jeff - he's going to be breaking down some money myth$ for us. First up: student loans ?‍???‍?

Nana's Old Wise Tales #4 - Tinder

Watch Nana as she delivers some Grade A banter on Tinder ???

Nana's Old Wise Tales #7 - Wheat bag Empire

New Year's Re:solution #8: strive for success. Look what Nana did with wheat, material and a dream!

Distilling Booze at Home

Welcome to Luke's laundry, in it you'll find a tub, a washing machine, and everything you need to distill your own spirits ??

New Zealand's Drinking Evolution

Before soy flat whites and cold pressed juices, beer was seen as a health tonic. How times have changed.

What's the average sex number?

Is there such thing as an average number of sexual partners?

Space Māori

Meet Dan Taipua AKA Robot Rakete AKA the Indigital Indigenous AKA the Hi-tech Half-caste AKA the Technical Tohunga. He's here to talk to you about a…

Re:visit - Hudson & Halls

The bond shared by Hudson & Halls was truly spectacular. A love story for the ages ?