Bryson Naik

Tour Life: SWIDT

Last summer we followed SWIDT around as they toured Aotearoa playing festivals & opening for the likes of Post Malone.

Are video games cheapening Māori culture?

In 1974 mana was introduced to the gaming world via Dungeons and Dragons but does it mean as much to gamers as it does to Pacific…

Cyber Bullying

While there are some age restrictions on games, cyber bullying in the realm of online gaming is prevalent. Through both text and voice chat, slurs of…

Mental Health - Each community struggles differently

Every community has different ways of dealing with mental health issues. Some are open to talking about them, others encourage keeping those feelings to yourself. Nicole…

Captain Planet: eco-warrior or psychic?

Not only did he rock a green mullet, Captain Planet (along with his trusty Planeteers) predicted some of the natural crises the world is facing today.…

Strong sense of self: meet Ben, who's always known who he is

At 11 years old, Ben's self-awareness and courage is extraordinary.

Dante's Peak vs. Tāmaki Makaurau

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the City of Sails got Dante's-Peaked? And more importantly what would happen to the KFCs? We have 🌋🌏💥🍗


Meet SWIDT, the rap group from Onehunga with more nominations than Lorde at this year's Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards. Find out how they'd spend $10…

Cosplay Sculpting

Zen has a degree in neuroscience but that wasn't enough to keep his passion for sculpting masks and other costumes pieces for cosplay at bay!

Contact Sport

In their song-turned-sports-anthem 'Tubthumping', Chumbawamba famously said "I get knocked down, but I get up again" - sadly, that's not always the case. We take a…

Window Washers - Service or Nuisance?

Show of hands: do you wind up your windows and avoid eye contact or do you check under the seat for change to give the window…

Pasifika definitions of transgender

Long before the documented cases in Western culture, Pasifika people have been identifying trans and other gender non-binary people.

The 'G' in gout

It's a playground diss that's actually a serious health problem, especially for Māori and Pasifika people. Yeah, we're talking about gout.

Fairytales and consent

They're the age-old stories that have been sending our kids to the land of nod for years & years, but what are fairytales really teaching our…

The price of free

Bryson was a 7 day vegan, and an attempted weatherman. Now he's out of moni and on the hunt for all the free things Tāmaki Makaurau…

Lago Girls

The Lago Girls are a group of women empowering each other and their community to live healthy, happy lives - and preserving their Pasifika culture along…

The '5 second' rule

The 5 Second Rule is the urban legend that's saved many a skittle from the bin... but is it too good to be true? ⏳🍌

Katayanagi Twins Vs. The World

The Katayanagi Twins are taking on the world. When they're not DJing they're modelling, even making it into Vogue - and not Australian Vogue, 'Vogue Vogue'…

Ulva Island - our pest-free sanctuary

Just off the coast of Stewart Island is Aotearoa's pest-free sanctuary. A refuge to some of our most endangered species, Ulva Island sets the bar for…

Myths about our fruit and veg

From natural night vision goggles to nuts that makes you smarter, it seems we've all been fed some tall tales about our fruit and veg... or…

The Art Of Bonsai

Those little bonsai trees shooting up on your 'gram feed are super aesthetic, and turns out they're pretty easy to DIY... 🌳🌳

A history of Maungakiekie, One Tree Hill

This maunga has seen more than its breath-taking view. From politically-charged tree chopping, to boy racers, Maungakiekie, or One Tree Hill, has its fair share of…

Church & AP

Church & AP are two teenagers from Tāmaki Makaurau that are making waves in the rap game.

Manu Collective: Breaking the rules for the love of dance

Faasu and Christian are from the Manu Collective, a project-based collective that empowers Pasifika youth through dance.

Taking a look at racism in cartoons

Cartoons are innocent, fun and... racist? From Dragonball Z to The Simpsons, cartoons back in the day weren't as innocent as they seemed.

I tried to be a news weatherman for a day and it’s really hard

Anyone can read the weather, right? Wrong. Bryson got a lesson from 1 News weatherman and actual meteorologist Dan Corbett and found out it's not as…

Vailima - The Taste Of Samoa

Never mind your craft beer, Vailima is straight outta Apia. The Samoan drop is becoming a status symbol, so where's the best place to buy it?…

What 'What Now?' Dreams Are Made Of

Kiwi kids around the country grew up dreaming of being gunged. Which 'What Now?' era do you come from? Props Boy? Camilla the Gorilla? Thingy?!

Le'ts play a game with Maia & Ruby

We caught up with Maia & Ruby ahead of their show 'Fully Grown Children' to see if they could guess hot topics off each other's foreheads.


No matter what the men in your life say, it's a thing. We unpack just what mansplaining is and how grating it can be.