Awkward Animations: Unfinished Symphony | 48Hours

A stop motion artist breathes life into old junk to create a delightful symphony.

Nominated for:

Best Director
Ant Timpson Solo/Duo Award

Auckland City WInner
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Couch Kumara: Pre-Emptive Defence | 48Hours

A student has a dire medical emergency in the midst of a self-defence class.

Nominated for:

L’Affare Ultra 48 Award
Best Cinematography

Wellington City Runner-up
Best Editing
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Cyan Sea: Max | 48Hours

As Max begins to find hope again, the terrors of her past drag her back into the dark.

Ant Timpson Wildcard

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Disqualified Tim: Banana Boys | 48Hours

We built and destroyed a full sized B17 bomber specifically and only for this competition. Also known as “Banana Boys”

A war photographer boards a plane armed…

Dystography Studios: The Last Lord of Scotland | 48Hours

A premature marriage proposal inspires authentic conversations as a photographer tries to capture the magic moment.

Nominated for: Best Script

Won: Christchurch City Runner-up

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Free Cinematic Luts: Shit Chat | 48 Hours

Taking refuge at a music festival leads to a deep conversation and the unloading of a heavy burden.

Ant Timpson Wildcard

Nominated for: Best Performer

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Pastafarian Productions - Rekindled Spirits | 48Hours

June and Trevor go camping to revive a relationship that is on the rocks. 

Nominated for:

L'Affare Ultra48
Dame Gaylene Preston & WIFT Best Female Director

Best Script
Best Animation
Best Score/Song


Qualified Tim - “DAS BANANA-BOOT” | 48Hours

A war photographer boards a plane armed with activated bombs. Under heavy fire she must find a way to release them before they explode.

Nominated for:

Best Production…

Snack To The Future - Judy | 48Hours

A woman forms an unlikely friendship with her partner’s blow-up doll, after trust is broken in their relationship.

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The Creamery - In Deep | 48Hours

A group of young men organise a complex series of events to get their friend talking to the girl of his dreams. But who is heisting…

Tasteful Sideboob - Hydrangea | 48Hours

During a Reiki session, Rosie is challenged by her own subconscious and not all is as it seems.


Best Performer
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Underwater Dreams - Jebivetar | 48Hours

A therapy session digs deep as a couple enthusiastically pursue the seemingly pointless, invisible and impossible.

Nominated for:

Dame Gaylene Preston & WIFT Best Female Director
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Kinaki - Good as Gold | 48Hours

Hungry for adventure, the Rogue runner sets out on an intrepid journey seeking a tropical treasure that is as good as gold.

Nominated for:

Best Editing
Best Director
Best Cinematography

BAE24: The Dying Art of Cat Burglary | 48Hours

A cat burglar in training gets the surprise of his life when he encounters an unexpected situation.

Nominated for:

L’Affare Ultra 48 Award
Best Director

Christchurch City Winner
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Mitchell's Here - Āta | 48Hours

A simple being ventures to The Great Altar. What they witness cannot be unseen.

Grand National 2nd Runner-up

Nominated for:

Ant TImpson Solo/Duo Award

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Traces of Nut: Good Girl | 48Hours

Introducing the 48Hours 2021 Grand National Champion… ‘Good Girl’ by Traces of Nut.

In ‘Good Girl’, a professional dog walker becomes immersed in a self-help podcast and…

A Middle Eastern family talks about how it feels to be displaced | Conversations With My Immigrant…

“I feel like I really wanted to see Syria but now it’s too late."

How it feels to be back at Polyfest

After two years of cancelations, the iconic Polyfest returned last week and came back better than ever.

Over the four-day festival, rangatahi from across Tāmaki Makaurau came…

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The Collective: The announcement | Ep 1

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Two Indonesian sisters talk about finding your place miles away from home | Conversations With My…

“I don’t think I can move back to Indonesia. Home for me is now here,” says Avi.

We tracked down the owners of Chinese Cuisine, one of Mercury Plaza’s most popular eateries

Mercury Plaza! Once the go-to spot where Aucklanders young and old would congregate for some of the best kai in town. Since it’s closure in 2019,…

A Sri Lankan family talks about guilt, obligation, and what freedom really means | Conversations…

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TEEKS on music as a form of healing

“It’s about reestablishment or reclamation of whakaaro Māori because I know our tupuna were emotionally aware and conscious of the power and strength in vulnerability and…