Watch The Phoenix Foundation perform Lawrence Arabia’s 'Bicycle Riding' from the 2012 album The Sparrow.

James Milne (Lawrence Arabia) and Sam Scott (The Phoenix Foundation) have a history that dates back to the carefree days of their twenties. Enamored by one another’s art and bands, a long and fruitful friendship followed. Watch that conversation here.

Under Cover is a multi-episode web series produced by Banished Music which centres around two artists entering into conversation with one another. Discussing their livelihoods; artistic practises and inspiration; their life outside of music; and finding a personal connection with one another in their unexpected new Covid-era reality where work as an artist takes on a different meaning.


Directors: Reuben Bonner, Ezra Simons Series Producer: Reuben Bonner Producer: Maddie Walker Director of Photography: Tim Flower, Matt Henley Editor: Josh Yong Camera Operator: Daryl Wong, Andreas Mahn Sound Recordists: Micah Livesay, Mike Gibson Colourist/Graphics: The Post Office | Steve Gulik Sound Mix: Native Audio | Jordan Smith

Made with the support of NZ On Air With very special thanks to Auckland Museum and Massey University

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