Being alive is expensive: a guide on how to save money

Elena McIntyre-Reet demands to know why everything is so goddamn expensive.

What would happen if NZ decriminalised all drugs? We asked people on the street

“Have you ever experimented with any drugs?”... “I don’t remember”

The long-awaited Aotearoa history curriculum launches today

History class is about to become a whole lot more relevant.

Euphoria: Representation or romanticisation

Euphoria dares to tell the stories many shows would never touch. Is that a good thing?

Shit that doesn’t matter when you enter the workforce

A guide to the lies we’ve been told about being an acceptable adult.

‘Half little shit and half quite meaningful’: How I exercise my tino rangatiratanga

My tino rangatiratanga often looks like I'm desensitising myself in the face of adversity.

How your 2022 will go according to your Chinese zodiac

What does your 2022 have in store? Check out our Chinese Zodiac guide illustrated by artist Grace Li.


Grace Li (17 years old, Auckland) is New Zealand…

As a second-generation Asian NZer, I have no idea how to celebrate Lunar New Year

Rebecca Zhong reflects on bite-sized noodles and intergenerational differences.

Celebrating Lunar New Year without your family sucks

But it's not all doom and gloom, Sidney Wong writes.

Five summer events still going ahead at Red

Events can still go ahead with My Vaccine Pass requirements and a 100 person limit.

No wage subsidy for artists during red: 'Frightening and stressful'

Now that Aotearoa is in the Red traffic light setting, the arts industry has come to a grinding halt with events of more than 100 people…

Group exposing allegations of abuse in the music industry threatened with legal action

Beneath The Glass Ceiling has been told to delete their entire Instagram account or else face court.

Lawrence Arabia performs The Phoenix Foundation’s single 'Let Me Die A Woman'

Watch Lawrence Arabia perform The Phoenix Foundation’s single 'Let Me Die A Woman' from their debut album Horse Power.

James Milne (Lawrence Arabia) and Sam Scott (The…

The Phoenix Foundation performs Lawrence Arabia’s 'Bicycle Riding'

Watch The Phoenix Foundation perform Lawrence Arabia’s 'Bicycle Riding' from the 2012 album The Sparrow.

James Milne (Lawrence Arabia) and Sam Scott (The Phoenix Foundation) have a…

100 years of New Zealand summer: In photos

To celebrate the arrival of summer after the weird year we’ve had, Re: has dug through library archives to find a collection of photographs that capture…

Festivals, concerts and gigs: What’s on in NZ this summer

While your dreams of sun-soaked moshing at R&V may be ruined because of Covid-19, that doesn't mean there aren't other places to have a good time…

Our 10 most popular videos of 2021 for you to binge on holiday

We've rounded up our ten most popular videos you can binge when you need a break from the sun, the family conspiracy theorist, or just recharge…

Lorde releases new music video after arriving home to NZ

To celebrate returning to NZ on time for Christmas, Lorde has released a new music video.

AMA winners share their best and worst days of 2021

We asked the winners of the 2021 Aotearoa Music Awards about their best and worst days of 2021. Read below for a full list of winners…

Under Cover: Lawrence Arabia and The Phoenix Foundation

James Milne (Lawrence Arabia) and Sam Scott (The Phoenix Foundation) have a history that dates back to the carefree days of their twenties. Enamored by one…

‘It’s a fucking goat’: NZ’s top ten quotes of the year

Massey University has released the ten finalists for Quote of the Year, an annual competition ranking the funniest, most powerful, and memorable quotes of the year…

9 gift ideas made in Aotearoa for your last-minute Christmas shopping

Christmas is just two weeks away, so for those who are stuck on last-minute gift ideas, we’ve put together a wishlist of things the Re: team…

Six60 beat Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber for NZ’s most streamed artist

For a second year in a row, Six60 is NZ's most streamed artist on Spotify.

Ngāti Toa iwi tells anti-vax protestors to stop using Ka Mate haka

The haka was composed by Ngāti Toa tupuna Te Rauparaha and is being used at anti-vax protests

SWIDT: 'Crying is a form of healing' | Eating Fried Chicken in the Shower

“We probably do a better job of looking after the community than the cops do.”

Stirfryboyz x Taebz share a song for your next late-night drive through the city

Re: chats with the boyz about their new song and music video ‘Metropolis.’

'All the girls are your cousins': life as a teen in the Far North

We meet mates Josh and Billy, both 14. They show us what life is like in Hokianga.

Made My Day: Māori filmmaker Merata Mita immortalised by street artist Mr G

The three-storey mural is in Rotorua and came together in a special way.