Joel is one of the youngest commercial pilots in NZ

If you thought being a pilot was impressive enough, meet Joel. He's just 22 & one of New Zealand's youngest commercial pilots ✈️??

Girlboss: Helping teen girls become tech leaders

It's difficult to start-up a business at any age, let alone as a teenager! Alexis schools us in how to be a total GirlBoss, encouraging young…

Inside Out Cafe

"I think that my prison sentence has probably built a better future for me" - These Kiwi inmates are getting a chance to prove themselves and…

Karma Cola - a social enterprise in Sierra Leone

They're putting the karma back into your cola... Karma Cola are quenching Kiwi's thirst for fairtrade goods, all with a humble nut!

I was addicted to P

Andy's journey using P began at 19. It took over 10 years for Andy to shake the addiction, get clean and start a new life. He's…

nisa, the underwear label made by refugee women in Wellington

With a dream to provide refugees with meaningful employment and encourage sisterhood, Elisha started nisa: an underwear company with a difference.

Sharesies - helping young Kiwis grow their money

Sonya and Brooke launched Sharesies in June this year to remove some of the complexities around investing and help young New Zealanders grow their money.

Should more women be considering building as a career?

Onehunga High School student Sophie believes women shouldn't be afraid to enter into this male dominated workforce.

Are Bachelor of Arts still relevant?

In the realm of tertiary education the BA has long been looked down upon by 'fancier' degrees with more letters in their titles. Why does it…

Top jobs... that kill

Can you guess which three industries are the most dangerous in terms of workplace deaths?

Gender Neutral Bathrooms - so everyone can wee and poo when they want

When you gotta go you gotta go, but what if there isn't a bathroom for you? ? Is it time more businesses adopted gender neutral bathrooms?…