Why summer drownings are the worst in 40 years

Since December, more than 30 people have drowned in our waters.

Three Waters: What is it and why this reform is controversial in NZ

The government has made a plan to combine all of NZ’s water infrastructure and make four entities.

NZ doubled our dairy cows in 30 years, but it took 600% more fertiliser | Milk and Money | Episode 3

“We don’t exactly know how many cows we could sustain, but it’s a hell of a lot less than we have."

10 out of 18 freshwater taonga struggling to survive

Tuna, kākahi (freshwater mussels) and kōura (freshwater crayfish) are all at risk.

Nitrates in our drinking water could be causing premature births

Nitrates in our drinking water may be leading to babies being born prematurely or underweight.

Pregnant women drinking water with 10 milligrams of nitrates a litre are…

Protestors marched against a new dump they say will 'poison the Kaipara Harbour’

Hundreds of protestors marched down Queen Street in a hīkoi against the Dome Valley dump proposal.

Can a thriving dairy industry and healthy waters coexist?

The quality of half of our waterways is diminishing, according to a recent study by Land, Air, Water Aotearoa. Contributing to this has been the growth…

Antarctica's poo engineer

Bruce deals to people's poo while also making their drinking water. His home and office? Scott Base, Antarctica. Bruce shows us the nerdy details of his…


Did you know that babies have a reflex called the bradycardic response? When this reflex kicks in, a baby will instinctively hold its breath and open…

Kangen Water

Kangen Water fans have touted it as being able to change your body and your life. So is it real or is this water just one…

Kawhia Hot Pools

Hot Water Beach has been dug so deep we swear you can almost see China ??? Next time you're around the beautiful Kawhia, ask a local…

Is sparkling water ruining your appetite?

Sparkling water is trendy AF but what is it doing to us? Probably nothing, but still.

What's the deal with fluoride in New Zealand

Toothpastes brag about it, it's tricky to spell, and some people aren't happy about it being added to water supplies. Fluoride...who gets to decide?

Sustainable Coastlines

What happens to a piece of litter on Auckland's busy Queen Street? This. ??

Why are so many Māori drowning in Aotearoa?

The connection between Māori and te moana (the sea) is strong, so why is it that tāngata whenua make up 22% of drownings in Aotearoa?