Waitangi Day

It’s politically tense in NZ. But Māori are here, present and proud

Why Waitangi Day fills me with morbid optimism.

Why I’m visiting the iwi who protected the remains of my Chinese ancestor

“Having this connection that transcends time and cultures as well is unique.”

How Waitangi Day became a day of protest

‘What the hell have we got to celebrate?’

How Māori want Te Tiriti to be honoured this year

Re: News asked four rangatahi Māori about what honouring the Treaty in 2023 means to them.

Why Māori are reclaiming their indigenous names

“It feels more me. It just feels more me. It's a funny thing to explain, I get quite emotional.”

‘Half little shit and half quite meaningful’: How I exercise my tino rangatiratanga

My tino rangatiratanga often looks like I'm desensitising myself in the face of adversity.

Three-day Waitangi Day event at Te Tii Marae cancelled

A three-day event at Te Tii Marae to mark Waitangi Day has been cancelled.

Te Tii Marae to host three-day Waitangi event

Waitangi commemorations at Te Tii Marae will go ahead next month.

How protest at Waitangi has evolved

Waitangi day nowadays feels more like a festival, but it wasn’t always this way. Re: takes a look at how protest has evolved at Waitangi.

The man who has been photographing Waitangi for 50 years

John Miller (Ngāpuhi) is an award-winning documentary photographer from Auckland. He has dedicated most of his 70 years to documenting political protests and other significant moments…

What's it really like when you go to Waitangi?

If you've never been to Waitangi before, it's easy to think it's all sombre politics and fighting, but the people there know it's about so much…

Illustrations of what I think about on Waitangi Day

This Waitangi Day, we asked illustrators from across Aotearoa to draw what they think about on February 6th. Their images speak of resilience, courage, tenacity and…

The many questions of the Waitangi Day Pub Crawl

Living on the other side of the world often results in glasses that are rose-tinted, and filled with more than a little rosé. Never is this…