From isolation to icy location

Located on the West Coast of the South Island, Gorge River is the quintessential Kiwi spot: isolated, green, coastal and idyllic. For Chris, Gorge River was…

New Zealand Defence Force in Antarctica

Meet the members of the New Zealand Defence Force trading in their khakis and sea legs for a stint on the icy continent.

Whether it's heating…

Instruments from everywhere

Join Jerome as he takes you on a tour of beautiful taonga pūoro before his global ensemble enthralls you with a musical collision of culture.

The Dutch travellers embarking on an epic African adventure.

Ingrid and Branko may be retired, but they're as far away from matinee plays and afternoon biccies as you can get. They're taking their truck through…

IntRe:pid - Christmas Markets in Kraków

While we're starting to swelter, our pals in the Northern Hemisphere are layering up and hitting the Christmas markets. These ones in Poland are festive AF…

A Hidden History of Women in the East End

Mary Ann, Mary Jane, Elizabeth, Annie and Catherine - do these names ring a bell? What if we said Jack the Ripper? This alternative London tour…

A Kiwi guide to Shanghai Disneyland

Disneyland, the place where dreams come true, if your dreams entail theme park rides and animatronic pirates... Join Arahi as he takes us on a tour…

A cashless society

When was the last time you paid in cash? In Singapore, coins and paper might soon be a relic of the past as it embarks on…

The Lost Gypsy

Nestled near the bottom of the South Island, Blair's workshop/home/gallery has some of the coolest and most curious contraptions we've ever seen.

West Coast ghost towns

They were once booming with industry and gleaming with gold - now you'd be lucky to spy a soul in these creepy West Coast ghost towns.

These underwater sculptures could save the South Pacific's sea life

British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor creates underwater figures that are not only incredibly eye-catching, they're ever-evolving, marine-life-saving works of art!

Pasifika in Southland

At the very bottom of Te Wai Pounamu lies one of the smallest Pasifika communities in Aotearoa. We asked the Pacific Island Advisory and Cultural Trust…

Samoa's To Sua Ocean Trench

This week we're delving into the many realms of Pasifika, so what better way to start than diving into the stunning blue waters of To Sua,…

Re:Sports - Ghostchips

The 21st Century has spawned a new kind of athlete - they're called Ethletes, and Ghostchips is one of New Zealand's best. 17 year old Reagan…

Fighting anti-gay laws in Singapore

In Singapore being gay is a criminal offence. Although the law isn't enforced, queer Singaporeans explain how the law makes them feel like second-class citizens in…

Louisa is a hyper-polyglot

Speaking more than one language is impressive enough, now how about speaking six? Say hallo, bonjour, hola, zdravo to Louisa - a hyperpolyglot

How Singapore uses technology to look after trees

Check out the cool pieces of tech hugging Singapore's trees, helping to keep them healthy and feeling the love

Getting called to join the army in Singapore

Singapore is one of several countries around the globe with mandatory National Service. Even after being in New Zealand 15 years, Gabe had to return to…

Matriarchal Societies

Journey to these magical lands, where women hold the power ✨

Is it possible to make it as a Kiwi in London?

Emily started creative agency Phantom with a couple of mates in 2013. We got the chance to talk to her about how she thinks hailing from…

Playing rugby in Romania

Ōtautahi's Mike Stewart is repping New Zealand in Romania, playing rugby in Timisoara.

Joel is one of the youngest commercial pilots in NZ

If you thought being a pilot was impressive enough, meet Joel. He's just 22 & one of New Zealand's youngest commercial pilots ✈️??

Kiwi stormchasers

To most people tornadoes, twisters and thunder all scream 'run!', but for this Christchurch photographer, storms mean one thing: it's all about the chase. ?⛈⚡️

Honey and Baz take the train to Porirua

Baz takes his adorable dog Honey on a journey from Wellington to Porirua after the Wellington Council ruled pets could travel on trains ??

Jennifer: the 13 year old harpist

"It's not as hard as it looks" - and Jennifer makes it look so easy! In fact, this 13 year old plays her harp so well…

The Kiwi birders who got inside North Korea

Meet the New Zealand bird enthusiasts finding common ground with North Korea. Follow the team as they track the Kuaka bird all the way into one…

Re:view - Air New Zealand safety videos

From Rachel Hunter to Rico the inneundo-laden puppet, Air New Zealand's safety videos sure have covered a lot of ground but are all of them worthy…

IntRe:pid - The spooky and abandoned Romanian town

It may look like the perfect setting for your worst nightmare but believe it or not this used to be a beautiful resort town in Romania…

The tiny town which created LEGO

Let us take you around Billund, the tiny Danish town where LEGO was invented. With a dream of being a paradise for kids, the young adults…