Foreshore and Seabed: an explainer on the biggest protest Aotearoa has seen

“The country was divided on the issue, as were the members in Government.”

What is going on at Pūtiki Bay on Waiheke Island?

“In 2021, this is definitely not the appropriate activity to be happening within our bay.”

How protest at Waitangi has evolved

Waitangi day nowadays feels more like a festival, but it wasn’t always this way. Re: takes a look at how protest has evolved at Waitangi.

The man who has been photographing Waitangi for 50 years

John Miller (Ngāpuhi) is an award-winning documentary photographer from Auckland. He has dedicated most of his 70 years to documenting political protests and other significant moments…

How the Polynesian Panthers’ legacy is alive today

Nearly 50 years since the Polynesian Panthers formed, their legacy lives on through young activists.

One year since police served an eviction notice at Ihumātao, the resistance lives on

One year since police served an eviction notice at Ihumātao, the resistance lives on.

Re:visit - Remembering the Springbok Tour

During the Springbok rugby tour of 1981, New Zealand was divided over a system of racial segregation thousands of miles away. Many Kiwis protested against the…

Aotearoa's climate warriors strike in unison

Students across the country ditched school and marched the streets, passionately calling for immediate action on climate change.

Pussy Riot bring punk protest performance to NZ

Pussy Riot: A punk collective doing political art protest. Who is behind the colourful balaclavas sparking uproar in their mother Russia, and attention the world over…

We are not victims, we are warriors.

Brianna is a warrior against climate change, travelling the globe to raise awareness and save not just her mighty Pacific home, but the world!

Medusa - 4th Wave Feminism

Snakes for hair and a stoney glare, meet the theatre makers using Medusa as muse to empower and revitalise feminism in Aotearoa.

The woman who fought to say 'kia ora'

In 1984 Dame Rangimarie Naida Glavish was almost fired for saying 'kia ora'. We take a look at how her protest paved the way for Te…

The right to protest

From marches to flying dildos, Kiwis love to exercise their right to protest. Although for many across the globe, getting their voices heard isn't so easy.

What came of the Occupy Movement?

The Occupy movement was designed to open up debate around the problems of capitalism, but what did it actually achieve? And was that even the point?


1080: Here we visit the West Coast, Nelson and Wellington for our story about the controversial pest-control system. We take a look at what it actually…

Vegans getting nude to save the planet

"We're exploiting our own bodies but you're exploiting the bodies of...vulnerable beings that have no choice" meet the vegan women standing up (and lying down in…

NZ coastline left exposed as 'police of the seas' go on strike

The New Zealand coastline was left largely unpatrolled for two weeks due to a strike. Officers are back at sea but what damage was done during…

A history of Maungakiekie, One Tree Hill

This maunga has seen more than its breath-taking view. From politically-charged tree chopping, to boy racers, Maungakiekie, or One Tree Hill, has its fair share of…

Australia says YES to same-sex marriage

We travelled to Melbourne, Victoria to talk to Australians in and out of the LGBTQIA community about the same-sex marriage postal survey and the YES result…