Posie Parker gets sauced and shut down before she can speak

Anti-trans activist Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull - also known as Posie Parker - was forced to abandon her Auckland rally after a counter-protester threw what looked like red tomato sauce at her and she was escorted out of Albert Park before she could begin her speech.

Thousands of counter-protesters showed up and shouted “go home Posie” while also making as much noise as possible so that Parker could not be heard.

Tension boiled over with pockets of the protest turning violent with Parker’s supporters and counter-protesters pushing and shoving each other.

Some protestors broke through security barriers to separate the two protests and counter-protesters also managed to climb onto the rotunda.

Parker was forced to ditch her rally with police and security staff escorting her into a police car.

The controversial British activist landed in Auckland on Friday night after a last-minute effort to prevent her from coming to New Zealand was dismissed by the High Court.

She’s also scheduled to speak in Wellington on Sunday.

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