Alternative Music

Muroki performs RIIKI REID's 2020 single 'Good Times'

Watch his performance, live from The Wine Cellar on Karangahape Road.

Delaney Davidson performs Erny Belle's song 'Hell Hole'

Watch the third episode of Under Cover with Erny Belle and Delaney Davidson.

John Campbell on music that makes us cry

“Finding your place, a sense of togetherness: the best music reminds us of what we have in common."

Tash Sultana on tour life and taking a chance on artists

"I'm having fun with my life, and I really like the person I've become."

No wage subsidy for artists during red: 'Frightening and stressful'

Now that Aotearoa is in the Red traffic light setting, the arts industry has come to a grinding halt with events of more than 100 people…

Release of the Week: Kita takes us into 89 lockdown houses around the globe in their latest video

There are fewer phrases more appropriate to this moment than “try to find a way”.

When Nikita 雅涵 Tu-Bryant , Ed Zuccollo and Rick Cranson of Wellington…

New release: Adam Hattaway and the Haunters’ “woozy swamp ballad” hits the spot

“I want to make music that's classic and kind of hits the spot,” says Adam Hattaway.

There’s a repeated motif in Adam Hattaway and the Haunters’ new…

New release: How to be The Beths in four easy steps!

The Beths make music that is jubilant, neurotic, carefree and anxious. I revisited their debut album Future Me Hates Me during a state-sanctioned walk around my…

Premiere: Merk makes door hinges sound cool in his new music video

There’s a metallic synth sound, almost like a squeaking hinge, in Merk’s latest single ‘H.N.Y.B’. You wouldn’t think a door hinge in need of lubrication is…


The Simpsons have become so iconic now, they've spawned a cult following for a microgenre of a subgenre.
Introducing - S I M P S O…