There are fewer phrases more appropriate to this moment than “try to find a way”.

When Nikita 雅涵 Tu-Bryant , Ed Zuccollo and Rick Cranson of Wellington band Kita (previously known as Flite) recorded that line as part of the song ‘Find a Way’ last November, they had no idea how appropriate it would end up being.

The group were in the midst of mixing their EP with grammy-winning producer and Muse collaborator Tommaso Colliva when Covid-19 gripped the world. With Tommaso based in Italy, it was clear to the band how devastating this would be.

Lead singer Nikita had been planning a music video for the song, but when lockdown happened she decided to pivot it to capture the experience of people around the world.

“The song is exactly what this video represents, and what everyone is going through at the moment - we’re all trying to find a way through this,” Nikita says.

“It doesn’t matter what industry you work in, or country you live in, we are all facing challenges -  but if we all get creative we will find a way.”

Nikita started by reaching out to family and friends around the world, and then put invitations out to platforms like the Wellington City Council and RadioActive FM.

They didn’t give people specific directions for how they should film their submission, but encouraged them to be as creative as they liked.

“Videos of doing 'nothing', or 'normal' things, simply highlights the beauty in what we can consider mundane. When given its own space, it is art, it is beautiful,” Nikita says.

“I think this time in lockdown has been proof that we are all capable of seeing the simpler things in life as beautiful.”

Lead singer Nikita 雅涵 Tu-Bryant. Photo: Nick George

They got 89 submissions from across the globe - including Finland, France, Italy, Germany, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, India, America, Australia, and New Zealand.

“When I started getting the files back, it was really emotional. All of these private moments from people all around the world - people I had never met or hadn’t seen in a really long time. 

“Despite everyone being isolated, this brought us all together and I felt that solidarity.”

The video was directed by Nikita and Mark Russell of the Renegade Peach Project - who are responsible for music videos from Troy Kingi, Shapeshifter and Trinity Roots.

Nikita hopes the song and video will make people feel closer during this time of necessary distance from each other.

“Covid-19 isn't over, and it will be a long time before it leaves this world,” she says.

“For the many people around the world that don't have the luxury we are experiencing in New Zealand at the moment, they still need songs of hope and a feeling of togetherness despite the isolation. I hope it makes those people feel connected. That we are all doing 'nothing', together - and that that is okay. I hope it reminds people who have forgotten the beauty in the simple things in life.”

Kita release their debut EP ‘Try to Find a Way’ on July 13th.

You can check out more at their website.