'Last call at 9.30pm': What the nightlife is like in New Plymouth

Taranaki locals tell us about the nightlife in New Plymouth two years into a pandemic.

Russians in NZ tell us how they feel about Putin

"We have a common enemy - this enemy called Vladimir Putin."

I'm a primary school teacher who wears a hijab. The kids understand

I tell the kids my hijab is for my religion and they grasp that concept so fast.

Talking about OCD with BENEE

“I'm just constantly counting and it got really annoying. At one point, I was counting pumps of face cleanser, and I was just like, Oh, God,…

COVEN’s Moe Laga on running away from home and finding her family | Eating Fried Chicken in the…

"I don't have all the answers but I just base it off what I've been through and my survival."

The Fan Brigade’s Amanda Kennedy: ‘I refuse to feel shame’ | Eating Fried Chicken in the Shower

“Why should it be embarrassing or shameful to have horrible shit happen in your life? Everyone has horrible shit in their lives. It’s such a relief…

‘I had a massive identity crisis’: Joe Daymond on his return to Aotearoa | Eating Fried Chicken in…

“I remember I would sign surveys and when it would ask what nationality I was, I would put NZ/European. Because I didn’t have any association with…

I’m 27 and Covid-19 gave me a heart and lung condition: Living with Long Covid

“I have completely changed, I've become a shell of the person I was.”

'It wasn’t just the dawn raids': 4 Pacific men talk about mental health and racism in NZ | Eating…

Oscar Kightley, Church Leon & Henry Hohenberger join James Nokise in discussion of mental health.

A Māori health nurse shares how she makes 25% less than DHB nurses | Show Us Your Money

A nurse at a Māori health provider shares how she supports her whānau on a $55K salary.

Mai FM host Tegan Yorwarth talks body image, anxiety and balance | Eating Fried Chicken in the…

Tegan joins James Nokise to talk about getting strange messages and dealing with strange expectation

Rā Lives in a Van | My Life in 3 Minutes

“You'll be amazed at how I fit my life in this van.”

New Zealand has 100,000 empty homes, and 100,000 homeless people

New Zealand has 100,000 empty houses, while also having 100,000 homeless. We explore why.

The average house price in NZ is over $900k. Do you think you’ll ever own a home?

“When I was at school, I set a goal of owning a home by the time I was 25. Well, I’m older now and I’m not…

I live in a motel. There are no houses for my disabled daughter and me

Tania has spent the last seven months trying to find a rental house for her and her daughter.

Comedian Eli Matthewson talks orgasms, babies and lost dreams | Comedians Cook

After giving up on his dreams of being a child star, Eli has more time for bread and butter pudding.

On the street: When did you send your first nude?

Re: hits the street asking people about their nude-sending habits and thoughts.

My morning with an illustrator, ceramicist and fashion designer

A morning routine is like a ritual we practice every day.

'Cannabis sommelier' is an actual job. Here's what they do.

‘Cannabis sommelier’ is an actual job. Kaya, a certified cannabis sommelier, explains what they do.

These paranormal investigators go looking for a ghost

“I've had experiences all my life with the paranormal but nothing as much since I've joined,"

I Love Loops: Loot & Blunder | 48Hours

The wacky misadventures of two unlovable rogues focused on hoarding treasure when what they actually need is a lifeline.

Nominated for:

Dame Gaylene Preston & WIFT Best Female…

How young men struggle with body image pressures | One For The Boys | Ep 4

A new bodybuilder and group of friends discuss body image struggles

Love you bro, no homo: talking about closeness between guys

“Bro rub some sunscreen on my back, no homo.”

Why are some guys uncomfortable holding each other’s hands or sleeping in the same bed? And why is…

Men can't talk about their feelings and it's a deadly problem | One For The Boys | Ep 3

Suck it up. Harden Up. Be a man about it. How many times have you heard these words?

Comedian Sera Devcich disappoints daughter with Dancing Queen Cupcakes | Comedians Cook

“The kids are going to be like ‘oh my god I had no idea your mother was Nigella,’ and she’s gonna be like ‘no it’s better,…

We talk to people who make porn and people who consume it | One For The Boys | Ep 2

We take a look at how young guys navigate the world of porn.

I’m turned on by love letters

“Handwriting is a big turn on - I think I have a fetish for handwriting."

How an Indian-Māori whānau balance between their cultures | Conversations With My Immigrant Parents

“Indian person running the marae - some people they make a laugh of it.”

Arriving from Fiji, newly-wed Halima Stewart headed straight to Tapu Te Ranga Marae…

A Filipino solo dad and his daughter talk parenthood and life with grief | Conversations With My…

Content warning: This episode refers to mental health, grief, and death.

"There were no parents' rooms back then; there were only mothers' rooms."

In Kirikiriroa, a Filipino solo…