The joy and pain Ōtautahi has brought a Pakistani family

Content warning: This episode mentions the March 15 terror attacks.

"I think of my mum as my best friend. She's always there for me and I tell her everything that's going on in my life.

"Even if it's embarrassing, she's the first one to know - and I think she knows all my deepest, darkest secrets."

Habib, Tooba, and their children Fatima and Usman chat about community and strength in Ōtautahi - a place that has been both a source of immense grief and love since they arrived in 2007 from Pakistan.

Conversations With My Immigrant Parents is a podcast and docu-series where immigrant whānau have conversations they normally wouldn't, crossing barriers of language, generation, and expectation.

Co-hosts Saraid de Silva and Julie Zhu travelled Aotearoa meeting families from different immigrant backgrounds, sitting in as they spoke to each other about love, loss, what home means to them, and where home really is.

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