I’m learning to speak up during sex and it's hot

“Looking back, I definitely don't think I enjoyed the majority of the sex that I was having during that hoe phase,” says Ash Williams, Auckland’s self proclaimed ‘Bad Bitch’.

“Every single encounter, I would say I was internally being like, ‘I don't like this or I wish you would stop doing that’. But I didn’t know what communication was back then because I'd never really tried it and I'd never been brought up like that.”

Growing up in a religious household, sex wasn’t something Ash’s family talked about. Or if they did, she was taught sex was painful and something that could ruin her life.

So for a long time Ash had a fear of intimacy and was in the dark about how to speak up during sex.

But now, at 27, she’s discovering what she likes and doesn’t like in bed - and how to communicate that.

“There's this societal pressure to be submissive or to please the man. But no, fuck that. You're there to get your needs met too.”

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