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Is it ok to bang someone based on their star sign? | Horny on Main

Romeo & Juliet were star-crossed lovers after all. But Juliet was also 13, so, you know.

Disabled NZers put at risk during Omicron, inquiry finds

30 organisations and networks provided information to the inquiry.

‘Contraception never came up’: sex ed in Catholic high schools

“There was nothing fundamental to it whatsoever,”

Alcohol needs graphic warnings like ciggies: expert

Picture warnings were 10 times more likely to influence drinking behaviours, a study has found.

How microdosing mushrooms can help mental health

More research shows the active ingredient in shrooms can help with the effects of trauma.

Is it normal to get horny on the daily? | Horny on Main

Let's talk about spontaneous vs. responsive desire for a minute.

Students twice as likely to live in mouldy homes than other NZers

35 percent of students had A4 size mould growing in their flats, a new survey says.

Unpacking SPF, broad-spectrum and reef safety: Here’s the Re: guide to sunscreen

Re: has put together a checklist of things to look out for when you fork out for your next bottle.

NZ had the highest melanoma death rate in the world in 2020

Alongside Australia, New Zealand also has the highest number of cases of melanoma in 2020. 

Why new Covid-19 antiviral drugs are not a replacement for the vaccine

From next week, 60,000 doses of Covid-19 antiviral medication will be available.

Male contraceptive pill 99 percent effective in mice trial

Is it time to shift the scales of the contraceptive burden balance?

‘It feels like we are being sidelined’: Young NZers with disabilities react to handling of Omicron

An inquiry into the support of disabled people during the Omicron outbreak is being launched.

How do I discover what I like and dislike in sex and foreplay? | Horny on Main

In the wide world of sex and foreplay, it can be hard to know what we do or don't like, until we do.

1 in 4 new mums surveyed had never used contraception, NZ study reveals

Two in three new mums hadn’t discussed contraception with a health worker before getting pregnant.

Calls for sexual consent education to be compulsory in NZ schools

Students, politicians and educators are calling for the Government to make this happen.

My boyfriend wants a sex break, is this common in couples? | Horny on Main

Instead of “is this common?”, try asking “How does this make me feel?”.

Teen smoking rates fall to all time low, vaping increases

This is the biggest fall in youth smoking rates in a decade.

My girlfriend is on antidepressants and I can’t make her cum | Horny on Main

Horny on Main is a place to unpack and explore the complicated and messy territories of sex, love and intimacy. It’s not just for the horndogs,…

Mental health issues in young people linked to dementia later in life

About 1.7 million New Zealanders, born between 1928 to 1967, took part in the study.

NZ scientists find solutions for the PPE waste crisis

The group hope that the innovations can help clean up the planet's medical waste.

How does someone think ass eating is hot? | Horny on Main

He toss my salad like his name Romaine.

Including pleasure in sex education could increase condom use, study finds

“Pleasure has been overlooked and stigmatized in health promotion and sex education”.

New vape regulations come into force today

From today, only vape products that have been registered with the Ministry of Health can be sold in New Zealand.  

Since August last year, vape manufacturers could…

Racism stopping young South and East Asians from accessing NZ healthcare, study finds

1 in 5 South Asian and East Asian students say they have experienced some form of unfair treatment.

Tomato prices increase 99%: Families struggling to buy healthy food

Food experts are concerned about wider impacts.

Covid update Jan 19: 24 community cases

Wednesday January 19

There are 24 new community cases of Covid-19 today.

Of these, 14 are in Auckland, 1 is in Northland, 1 in Waikato, 5 are in…