New Zealand is sending 30 Defence Force staff to the United Kingdom to train Ukrainian soldiers on how to use a specific military weapon. 

Ukrainian soldiers will be taught how to use L119 105mm Light Guns which are only used in a handful of countries - including New Zealand.

Up to 230 Ukrainian armed forces will be trained and each gun crew will take about a week to learn how to use the guns. 

New Zealand has been specifically asked to help with this training. 

"The Government is acting on a call for help with training, which will enable members of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to operate L119 light field guns as they continue to defend their country against attacks by Russian forces," Defence Minister Peeni Henare said at a media conference on Monday afternoon.

The New Zealand Defence Force staff will stay in the United Kingdom until the end of July. They will not enter Ukraine at any point.

New Zealand is also providing 40 gun sights - a device used to help with aiming firearms - to Ukraine, along with some ammunition for training purposes.

"An advance party will deploy this week with the remainder of the artillery training team deploying as soon as practicable. The training for the Ukrainian Armed Forces is expected to begin next month,” Henare said.

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