Ukraine Invasion

Here are some of the biggest stories we told in 2022

Ukraine, 2000s Babys, and our first official Matariki. What a year.

NZ sends 30 Defence Force staff to train Ukrainian soldiers

New Zealand has been specifically asked to help with this training.

Government announces cheaper fuel and half price public transport for three months

Some New Zealanders will save between $11.50 and $17.23 per tank of fuel.

First fuel, then food: How the invasion of Ukraine will impact New Zealand

The economic impact of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is starting to be felt around the globe.

Government to consider extra border exemptions for family of Ukrainians in NZ

Ukranians with a valid visa can come to Aotearoa now, without waiting for the borders to open.

Russia's Invasion of Ukraine: In Photos

The country has been bombarded by Russian artillery since Putin's invasion announcement.

Explainer: Historical background leading up to Ukraine invasion

You're probably wondering how we got here.