I left my job to sell second hand clothes online | Show Us Your Money

“I think a lot of the reason thrift flipping is controversial is because it takes away from low income families, which I can totally empathise with. But I challenge that however, because of the over consumption of fashion.

“I’ve never gone into an op shop and seen a shortage of clothing and a lot of it gets dumped to landfill.”

Anissa left her job after having issues with her health and decided to start up her clothing reselling business @spice.vintage.

Not oblivious to the controversy of thrift flipping - where op shop clothing is resold for a profit - she says it’s important for her to uphold kaitiakitanga and never take more than she needs. 

As someone who grew up relying on op shops, she has witnessed the gentrification of stores around her home in Linwood, Christchurch. But she says it is unfair to solely blame thrift flippers for this change. 

“I think op shops need to be held accountable because they are the ones who determine the prices.”

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