Vivien Beduya

‘I’ve never had Asian pussy before’: Filipinas talk about dating in NZ

Filipinas tell us about the experiences they face while dating in New Zealand.

‘Will I die waiting for health care?’: NZers rally for trans rights

Hundreds of people took to the streets of Tāmaki Makaurau and Pōneke last weekend.

I want to remove my uterus because my endometriosis is so painful

“Even breathing too deeply makes my whole body feel like it's on fire."

I’m 23 and I want to remove my uterus

“This hypothetical boyfriend doesn’t have a uterus that’s in pain, I do."

‘It’s not safe for us’: Indian NZers on the rise of the far-right

The community is concerned a Hindu supremacist ideology is growing in Aotearoa

I’m 16: Why do I need my mum’s permission to change my name

“We have autonomy except in this area.”

  • 22 Nov 22