Sexual Violence

FBoy Island reinforces rape culture, experts say

Sexual assault prevention advocates say problems with the show run much deeper.

‘Sexual violence is an epidemic’: NZers want mandatory consent education

“If it’s just helping one person then it’s worth it. It can change people’s lives.”

Stopping sexual and family violence: Here's the government's plan

The government is spending $114.5m over four years to help prevent family and sexual violence.

People with disabilities experience significantly higher rates of violence, research shows

40 percent of women with disabilities report physical violence from an intimate partner.

Photo essay: Wellington anti-sexual violence rally

The Let Us Live rally took place on Wednesday night in Wellington. 

Organised by advocacy group Wellington Alliance Against Sexual Violence, hundreds gathered at Courtenay Place to…

Social media can be a new form of justice for survivors of sexual assault

What are the legal ramifications of online justice, both for those who post and the accused?

Surviving sexual abuse

Sexual harassment and abuse isn't limited to a single gender. We sat down with Robert, a survivor, to hear his story and the effects it had…

Sexual abuse services are in crisis

With massive demand and insufficient funding, sexual abuse services across the country are struggling to cope. A Wellington service nearly shut down, a Christchurch service has…

What to do about our rape culture?

15% of New Zealanders think that if you're raped while drunk, you're partly responsible. To learn more about rape culture in Aotearoa, we spoke to Greta…

Stopping sexual violence in bars

"It's not weird, it's not funny, it's aggressive." - if you saw some questionable behaviour in a bar would you say something to stop it?