Growing up trans in rural NZ: My first school ball

"I’ve always known who I am.”

We asked 8 rangatahi about education in Aotearoa

“Why should people learn Māori history? Because it’s a connection to the land that we live on.”

Behind the scenes at one of the first kura with new NCEA subject, Te Ao Haka

This year Te Ao Haka was finally introduced as a new NCEA subject.

How it feels to be back at Polyfest

After two years of cancelations, the iconic Polyfest returned last week and came back better than ever.

Over the four-day festival, rangatahi from across Tāmaki Makaurau came…

How the Polynesian Panthers’ legacy is alive today

Nearly 50 years since the Polynesian Panthers formed, their legacy lives on through young activists.

Horses understood this teen with Aspergers when people couldn't

Alex shares the immense isolation of living with Asperger’s.

Inside the programme helping teenagers cope through creating art

“When I’m shy, I start singing and I just feel it."

Teaching tamariki to live off the land

Tapere-Nui-A-Whatonga on the East Cape is one of the most remote schools in Aotearoa. This tiny school is teaching tamariki how to live off the land.

The HPV vaccine, ten years on

In 2009, the HPV vaccine became funded for all females between 12 and 18 years old. The vaccine was introduced to immunise against a virus that…

Aotearoa's climate warriors strike in unison

Students across the country ditched school and marched the streets, passionately calling for immediate action on climate change.

Remembering the School Journal

Have you ever wondered how Aotearoa got it's name? Take a trip down memory lane with the myths, legends, and creative quips of the New Zealand…

Brekfist: Education

It's been nigh on one too many years since the youthful Johanna and Saraid graced their high-school halls, so what's changed? Are girls still twinking in…

Our true stories from South Auckland, curated for the stage

It's not just a story - it's a movement' - Meet the South Auckland high schoolers smashing stigmas by stepping onto the stage with the help…

Can you learn to be funny?

It takes chops to get up in front of a crowd, especially when they're expecting you to make them laugh. Neil and the NZ Comedy School…

Growing up bilingual in Wellington

Welcome to Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Ngā Mokopuna, an immersion school in Wellington where students learn and speak in Te Reo Māori.

Nau mai, haere mai…

What's it like to grow up on Stewart Island?

Tai and Tyler live on Stewart Island and, along with 30 other students, go to Halfmoon Bay School. We got their take on things like Aucklanders,…

She slinky: She dances, hula hoops, circus performs & teaches others

Slinky Aya is a dancer, aerialist, hula hooper, contortionist, high school student and teacher! We talked to her about how she manages to priorotise all of…

Should we learn about the wars fought right here in NZ?

Ignoring it won't make it go away, so why is there resistance to teach about our country's history?

Growing up Chinese in a small town

Lucy travels back to Waihi to talk to her family about what it was like growing up Chinese in small town New Zealand and the discrimination…

A Racism Conversation

We sat down for a kōrero about racism. Yup, it sure does exist. 🇳🇿😡

Kaitaia students tackling bullying at their school

We went and spoke with some of the students at Kaitaia College who have experienced bullying and have decided to do something about it.

Restorative justice: Changing the way we discipline

School discipline has come a long way since the brutal days of the strap, just look at Tamatea High School. The Napier school is focusing less…

Should we teach 'Just say no' or YES YES YES?

The new play, Yes Yes Yes, aims to teach high school students around Aotearoa about consent through positivity.

Can you answer simple NCEA Level 1 questions?

At first thought, answering NCEA Level 1 questions would be easy...

Should more women be considering building as a career?

Onehunga High School student Sophie believes women shouldn't be afraid to enter into this male dominated workforce.

Why aren’t we all learning te reo Māori at school?

“We were getting phone calls, we were getting emails saying my kid’s not Māori, why are they doing this, save that for the Māori kids.”

Small Town Post School Future

This group of rural high school students prove that small towns ≠ small dreams.

Racism in classrooms

A report prepared for Treasury found teacher judgements nationwide were 'of serious concern' - see how Tararua College celebrates and encourages all aspects of Māori culture…

Andrew's story: being gay in a Christian school

Is it time all schools begin to provide a more diverse sexual education for their students?

Can consent be made compulsory in sex ed?

It's compulsory to learn sex ed up until Year 10 when you're 14. Two years later, when it matters, sex ed is no longer in the…