Stop crushing your cans, you're sending them to landfill

It's time to squash our can-crushing habit.

The Government wants to pay you 20c for every bottle you recycle

Compost collection for every home and a bottle buy-back scheme are part of the proposed changes.

NZ’s two biggest bread companies are phasing out plastic bag clips

New Zealand’s two major bread producers use 175 million plastic bread bag clips a year.

The City of Garbage

In Manshiyat Naser, a ward on the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt, is an area known as the City of Garbage. Here, the Zabbaleen - which translates…

The radical recyclists smashing the wheel of capitalism

Loop Groop rescue, recycle and repair bikes . Their workshop in Auckland's Eden Terrace has been a hub for people to get their bikes fixed or…

The family who lives zero waste

Just one jar can fit an entire month's worth of rubbish for Kristy and her family. How did Kristy find sustainable alternatives to the everyday…

Is compostable packaging actually getting composted?

You might feel the glow of doing the right thing when you see your takeaway coffee is in a compostable cup, but....then what? Which bin does…

Dealing with the plastics problem like a boss

Morocco used to be the 2nd largest consumers of plastic bags in the world. Come 2016 the bags were banned, with fabric and paper bags coming…

The Queen of Trash Palace

You'd be forgiven for being too busy dancing to question where all your rubbish goes to at a festival. Join us as we get the royal…

Is recycling a lie?

Do you give yourself a pat on the back when you take your recycling bin out at stupid o'clock in the morning? Well, you might want…

Kaibosh Food Rescue

Kaibosh is a start-up business that's starting up a food revolution in the Wellington hospitality scene: taking unwanted food, and turning it into a feast!

A raw milk vending machine.

So it turns out raw milk is not "just for hippies"... Meet the Southland couple serving up a bit of nostalgia with their fresh raw milk,…

Meet Jonny, the Compost King

Did you know your pizza boxes can't actually be recycled? ?But don't panic - they're excellent for your compost bin ?We chatted with Jonny, compost king…

What actually happens to our recycling?

As a country we have a dirty habit of exporting our plastic waste. We think it's time to clean up our act. Do you? ? ♻️

Odd Jobs #3 - Dawn rifles through recycling

Dawn is a Recycling Contamination Inspector and she may have spent a part of her morning looking through your recycling bin.