Plastic Packaging

The Government wants to pay you 20c for every bottle you recycle

Compost collection for every home and a bottle buy-back scheme are part of the proposed changes.

Cotton buds, meat trays and plastic forks to go with new plastic ban

The plastics phase-out will take place in three stages from 2022 to 2025.


This Wellington startup has a solution for the takeaway containers we keep throwing away
Every Friday, Sarah Booher would bike around the corner to pick up takeaways…

Why don't companies have to pay for the waste their packaging produces?

Manufacturers are getting a free ride by making New Zealanders pay for the disposal of their plastic packaging, an environmental group says.Last year I bought three…

Bring your own bowl

Do you take your own container for takeaway lunches? Kiwis are using over 30 kilograms of plastic per year. It's time to revolutionise the BYO...