NZ Sex Advice Podcast

What sex advice would you give to your younger self?

“As a bloke, perhaps I'd say to blokes, it's all about the woman.”

I’m AFAB pansexual: How do I talk to girls/femmes?!

Chat non-platonically with babes in your area!

Does casual sex suck or is it me?

Is it me or is it only good in theory? Listen to episode two of Horny On Main Season 2 now.

"Why do I think of disgusting stuff when I’m horny?" | Horny On Main

Season 2 of Horny on Main is out now on your favourite podcast platform.

Is it ok to bang someone based on their star sign? | Horny on Main

Romeo & Juliet were star-crossed lovers after all. But Juliet was also 13, so, you know.

Is it normal to get horny on the daily? | Horny on Main

Let's talk about spontaneous vs. responsive desire for a minute.

How do I discover what I like and dislike in sex and foreplay? | Horny on Main

In the wide world of sex and foreplay, it can be hard to know what we do or don't like, until we do.

My boyfriend wants a sex break, is this common in couples? | Horny on Main

Instead of “is this common?”, try asking “How does this make me feel?”.