Music Festival

Why these iwi welcome a festival on their whenua every year

“We've lifted up that sense of kaitiakitanga and tiakitanga for people."

The music festival trying to fuck up Christchurch’s conservatism

The top two tiers of the lineup are over 50% female, over 40% queer and 22% people of colour.

Stop crushing your cans, you're sending them to landfill

It's time to squash our can-crushing habit.

Rhythm and Vines Easter event cancelled

The Rhythm and Vines music festival in Gisborne has been cancelled.

Northern Bass festival cancelled

"To be very blunt, it's been a f**ker of a year," the organisers wrote on social media.

Festival drug-checking services will now receive government funding

Drug-checking services at summer festivals will receive government funding for the first time.

Pill testing doesn’t make you any more likely to take drugs, research finds

New research has found pill-testing services do not result in people taking MDMA if they had not used the drug before.

The research also found that pill…

40 percent of MDMA in NZ this summer was actually cathinones

Drug checking organisation Know Your Stuff has found nearly 40% of MDMA was actually eutylone.

Drug checking will be made legal in NZ in time for festivals this summer

Drug checking allows people to safely find out what's really in their pills.

NZ music festivals have no excuse for lack of gender diversity

The usual defences of lack of supply or lack of demand for non-male acts don't cut it anymore.

These 'insecurity guards' look out for your emotional safety

The Insecurity Guards patrol music festivals to look after your emotional safety. See them at work at Splore.