We have to stop ignoring youth homelessness

“I hope that our people in power can actually recognise and identify that this is a problem."

A Māori health nurse shares how she makes 25% less than DHB nurses | Show Us Your Money

A nurse at a Māori health provider shares how she supports her whānau on a $55K salary.

Rā Lives in a Van | My Life in 3 Minutes

“You'll be amazed at how I fit my life in this van.”

New Zealand has 100,000 empty homes, and 100,000 homeless people

New Zealand has 100,000 empty houses, while also having 100,000 homeless. We explore why.

The average house price in NZ is over $900k. Do you think you’ll ever own a home?

“When I was at school, I set a goal of owning a home by the time I was 25. Well, I’m older now and I’m not…

I live in a motel. There are no houses for my disabled daughter and me

Tania has spent the last seven months trying to find a rental house for her and her daughter.

Jacinda Ardern on the song that’s getting her through 2020 | Church and State

19-year-old musician and first-time voter Church meets leader of the Labour Party Jacinda Ardern.

Livening up Wellington’s outer suburbs

As our population rises, Wellington’s outer suburbs can become hubs where people live, work and play – all while having easy public transport access to the…

More affordable, more walkable and more resilient: plans for Wellington’s CBD

How Wellington's CBD will keep up with its rapid population growth.

A youth mentor on what it's like to be homeless

Aged 18, Anahera spent five months homeless. She tells us how she and her niece would sleep in public bathrooms with the hand dryer on to…

Planning for Growth - Resilient

A CBD apartment feels terrifying in an earthquake. But a house in the suburbs could be cut off by a landslide and isolated from vital services.…

Using technology to fight cold damp houses

1600 New Zealanders die every year from conditions caused by cold, damp homes. Hīria Te Rangi shares her story of loss, and explains how Whare Hauora…

The Housetruck Community

Here's a solution for all you travel dreamers who get a little homesick... take your house with you! We chatted to The Extravaganza Fair, the lively…

Disability Housing in New Zealand

'People talk about us heading towards a housing crisis for disabled people. From the stories I've been hearing... we're already there.' This is Aotearoa's housing crisis…

Passive Housing

These houses are heated and cooled for the same price as running your fridge. It's called a passive house, and its secret is simple: insulation ??

How hard is it to find a flat in Auckland?

Liam is searching for one of the most elusive and expensive things in Tāmaki Makaurau: a flat ??

Michelle lives in a tiny home community

Michelle may live in a tiny house, but she moved there to fulfill a big dream ??

How does Walter own 3 houses?

In these days of student loans and brunch, owning a house is something many of us can only dream of. But what about Walter? Walter has…


Living in a shared house comes with a few unspoken rules. Here are a few tips on how you can step up your flat etiquette -…

Why are renters scared to use a service that fights for their rights?

If you're renting in Aotearoa there's a high chance you know what Molly's talking about. But why aren't more renters doing something about their crappy conditions?

Should pets be allowed in all rental properties?

Having a pet can turn a house into a home, but many rental properties just won't allow them. Should renters in Aotearoa have the right to…

Josie & T - Renting Life

Are you left with peanuts after your rent has left your bank account? Josie & T are here to share their tips on how to tighten…

Glen Innes is undergoing massive gentrification

With huge building developments appearing in suburban Auckland, will future generations be able to afford houses in the streets they grew up on?

Does regeneration help the poor or propel the rich?

"Land that was previously owned by the state that created affordable housing for low income people is being transformed into housing for the wealthy" - does…

What else can you buy with a house deposit?

Hmmm, 83 round the world trips or a buying a house in Auckland. Decisions, decisions...???