Only 37% of young NZers think life is fair, compared to 54% of boomers

New research looks at the fairness of life between younger and older New Zealanders

Why we can’t afford to forget about dementia

After Covid-19, dementia is one of the most pervasive and costly health concerns we will face. But how many of us are prepared? 

Too many of us…

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Not a Blanket Approach: Norma's Story

When Norma lost her husband, she felt she lost half of herself. As loneliness threatened to creep in, it was her beautiful beach community that helped…

The 85-year-old bird whisperer nursing penguins back to health in Auckland

Not all heroes wear capes. Sylvia is 85 years old and cares for injured and lost birds, nursing them back to health.

Music therapy and the elderly

A simple tune can take you from down to upbeat in an instant, and that's the thinking behind the music therapy Jamie is bringing to Southland…

What to expect when you get old

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This retirement village brings in preschoolers for intergenerational learning

This weekly buddy reading programme in Wellington benefits both young and old as residents of Village at the Park help ngā tamariki learn to read ????

The Best of Nana

In celebration of elderly week, we've decided to bring back everyone's fav... Nana! She's back with some of her greatest hits, from advice on sex to…

Growing old around the world

From Africa to South America and everywhere in between, we all have our own ways of caring for our Kaumātua. So in such a multicultural place,…

Nana's Old Wise Tales #6 - Bodies

Nana's back and this time she makes us feel bad about enjoying nuggets by reminding us that she grew up on rations. Well played, Nana.