Meet Jonny, the Compost King

Did you know your pizza boxes can't actually be recycled? ?But don't panic - they're excellent for your compost bin ?We chatted with Jonny, compost king…

The truth about our throw away culture

Kiwis throw away over 122,000 tonnes of kai every single year. It's a staggering statistic that needs to change. Re: talked to Love Food Hate Waste…

Samoa's To Sua Ocean Trench

This week we're delving into the many realms of Pasifika, so what better way to start than diving into the stunning blue waters of To Sua,…

We are not victims, we are warriors.

Brianna is a warrior against climate change, travelling the globe to raise awareness and save not just her mighty Pacific home, but the world!

How satellites help us understand climate change

The satellites orbitting Earth provide scientists with a deluge of information about the Earth every single day. So how do we translate so much data into…

Greenpeace activist fighting against dairy farm

Mackenzie Country is known for its beautiful lakes, mountains and... industrial dairy farms? Meet Gen, an activist fighting council consent against the new project.


If any of your Instagram snaps feature #nature, try walking the walk and take up the #whanauchallenge to see if you can live a more sustainable…

IntRe:pid - Cinque Terre, Italy

Italy's Cinque Terre is a collection of villages, each one more adorable than the last. Why settle for one holiday destination when you can get five…

Acidification of the ocean

Our oceans are becoming more acidic, meaning major impacts on life under the sea. Cliff from NIWA New Zealand explains what's ocean acidification means and how…

Global warming: Waiting for Pacific Islands to disappear

While our image is clean and green, our actions aren't following suit. All bar one of NZ's major political parties support the Zero Carbon Act but…

Dante's Peak vs. Tāmaki Makaurau

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the City of Sails got Dante's-Peaked? And more importantly what would happen to the KFCs? We have ????


The world's population is growing at an alarming rate creating a raft of global issues, but what could save it? ?

Don't go chasing glaciers

While 'glacier retreat' sounds like a great weekend getaway it's actually the term used to describe how glaciers like the Franz Josef are shifting at unprecedented…

What is the ozone layer?

The ozone layer is that thing around earth, right? And there's a giant hole in it above Aotearoa? Wrong ?

How David Attenborough changed the game

Since 1954, Sir David's dulcet tones have been educating planet earth about...well, planet earth ?