How it feels to be back at Polyfest

After two years of cancelations, the iconic Polyfest returned last week and came back better than ever.

Over the four-day festival, rangatahi from across Tāmaki Makaurau came…

The Krump Club of Ōtara giving kids hope | The Outliers

“Krump is definitely a feeling that people catch,” says dancer Ennaolla Paea. “It’s this underground misunderstood community.” The Lighthouse is a dance crew from Ōtara who…

K-pop helped me accept myself as non-binary

“I felt very alone, I felt very isolated. And then I discovered K-pop.”

Disruptors 4: The quiet persistence of theatre life in lockdown

In this special fourth episode of Disruptors, recorded in the depths of lockdown, four theatre practitioners reflect on what happens when the disruption in their work…

How burlesque helps break down the rules of gender

"Wearing heels makes my legs bulge and my muscles ripple in ways that they don't in flat shoes. I feel more masculine." We visit burlesque dancer…

The dance epidemic that infected an entire town

A dancing plague once overtook Strasbourg during the middle ages. Throughout the city, people were "using dance to get to some transcendent state to get out…

Jang Huddle is telling 1.5 generation stories through dance

Cindy Jang is extending the possibilities of what dance can be with her collective Jang Huddle.

Music by Imugi 이무기

Exploring queer identity through stripping

"Honey is soft, Honey is sweet," and Honey is a performer at Bodyhaus, a collective of queer strippers. Honey AKA Logan Collis talks about undermining the…

Tonga’s hip hop group, The Onion Squad

Say malo e lelei to The Onion Squad! This self-taught hip hop crew have been adopted by Aotearoa so their dancing careers can continue to thrive.…

Guinea's school of circus

Keita Fodeba Centre for Acrobatic Arts, located in Guinea, is much more than a circus school. Welcoming in children and teenagers from the streets, KFCAA teaches…

The Bradas

The Bradas are taking the world of New Zealand dance global.

They've won back to back at the 2016/2017 World Hip Hop Championships and impressed J.Lo…

Rātana - the road to Te Matatini

'Te Matatini is the mecca of Māoridom'. We follow Rātana Paa's journey as they prepare for the mecca, the world cup of kapa haka - Te…

Te Matatini 2019

It's the world cup of kapa haka, bringing together Māori performing artists from across Aotearoa and Australia. So what exactly can you expect from this year's…

Brekfist: Culture

You say culture, we say... ballet? Fashion? Individualism? What exactly is culture anyway? Saraid and Johanna hit the streets to ask what culture means to you.

Prisoners honour dance performance with rousing haka

Rodney Bell takes his show "Meremere" to places that don't usually have access to the arts. He recently took the show to the Northland Regions Corrections…

Who can be a dancer?

Jesse and Catherine aren't just dance partners, they're mates. The duo met at Touch Compass Dance Trust, New Zealand's only inclusive dance company ??

Meet the Kiwi creating lightsuits and costumes for digital dance

Inspired by the likes of Tron and classic Kiwi no. 8 wire, Vospertron Performance Group are taking their incredible lightsuits around the globe.

Manu Collective: Breaking the rules for the love of dance

Faasu and Christian are from the Manu Collective, a project-based collective that empowers Pasifika youth through dance.