Sieska Verdonk

Urban city gardens are feeding bees

In the depths of Auckland's concrete jungle is a green space farming organic produce not just for humans, but for bees.

It's all in the name of…

The biggest investigation in NZ history

The biggest investigation in New Zealand history is underway to dissect the Christchurch terror attacks: How did our spy agencies miss this?

Kite Pooch

Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it's Ace - the kite-surfing pooch soaring above the sea, and loving every second ??‍♀️?‍♀️

We need to keep talking about mental health

Talking about mental health is definitely not as taboo as it once was, but it seems we've still got a long way to go.

Not a Blanket Approach: Hamish's Story

After reaching his limits with depression, Hamish learnt it's okay to ask for help. Now he's advocating for rural communities to open up, and get rid…

Not a Blanket Approach: Norma's Story

When Norma lost her husband, she felt she lost half of herself. As loneliness threatened to creep in, it was her beautiful beach community that helped…

Not a Blanket Approach: The Young Offenders' Stories

Most of Aotearoa's young offenders have experienced some form of family violence, neglect or abuse. We talk to some of the young people in Christchurch Youth…

Not a Blanket Approach: Ari's Story

'I never felt like I belonged, I never felt human.' Her Mum died before Ari got the chance to introduce her true self. Ari shares her…

Not a Blanket Approach: Hannah's Story

When Hannah's sister was killed, it threw her entire world upside down. Grief took its toll, and now Hannah is taking her story and using it…

The 85-year-old bird whisperer nursing penguins back to health in Auckland

Not all heroes wear capes. Sylvia is 85 years old and cares for injured and lost birds, nursing them back to health.

This beloved Palmy bar will be forced to close under proposed curfew

A new local alcohol policy in Palmerston North will see bars outside of business and industrial zones being forced to close earlier. But...why?

Living a balanced lifestyle in Palmerston North

Healthanism, a combination of health and hedonism: working out during the week to fuel a hectic weekend ?

Patea's fight for the sea shore

Mining for offshore iron sand deposits could mean irreparable damage to the South Taranaki Bight, here's what the residents of Patea want you to know...

Whanganui Awa

The Whanganui awa (river) was the first in the world to become a living entity. Take a look at what te awa means to the locals.

Transgender: did you know?

Here are something things to know about trans history and the every-strengthening community.

Claudia on positive mental health

Claudia received an overwhelming response when she started talking about her relationship with mental health online. That inspired her to start an Instagram account that was…

A history of our asylums, and where are they now?

Back in the day, those labelled 'undesirables' were put into mental asylums and kept in isolation. Today, those houses of horror have been refurbed for entertainment.

Piha is breathtaking, in more ways than one

Piha: named by CNN as one of the best beaches in the world, this hive of surfing, swimming and Maui dolphins has some dark secrets too…

Vel's story

Vel took some time to chat with us about dysphoria, his journey and the pressures of needing to physically change to outwardly reflect how you feel…

Acidification of the ocean

Our oceans are becoming more acidic, meaning major impacts on life under the sea. Cliff from NIWA New Zealand explains what's ocean acidification means and how…

These magic Paulownia trees clean up this dairy farm

Graham has won an award for his innovation in farm forestry. He uses Paulownia trees to stop nitrates leaching into the stream ???

Alien Weaponry, the Waipu thrash metal band

Alien Weaponry are a thrash metal band with a difference: they don't just scream, they scream in Te Reo Māori.

What's in the attic of the Christchurch Art Gallery?

Inside the dark recesses of Te Puna o Waiwhetu is an amazing collection of local and international art. And also maybe a raincoat that once belonged…

Transforming the streets - public art in post-quake Christchurch.

During a time where it would've been easier to wallow in the rubble, Christchurch artists took to the streets... and buildings... and car parks...

Elizabeth's personal struggle with anorexia

An alarming number of young Kiwis are affected by anorexia. Elizabeth never thought she would be one of them, and spent a lot of her teenage…

How do you stop young prisoners reoffending?

These young offenders at Christchurch Men's Prison are taught skills like bike repair and gardening in hopes to bring down the likelihood of reoffending.

Is coming out obsolete?

"I see myself as more than how I identify."

Twins: Nature vs Nurture

Identical twins, different sexualities.

Andrew's story: being gay in a Christian school

Is it time all schools begin to provide a more diverse sexual education for their students?

How we view ownership in the future may change

Do you think you'll own in 50 years? A house? A car? Your own business?