The House of COVEN

Meet C O V E N - the collective of artists, friends and immense talent. Harking back to the NYC Ballroom scene, this legendary house aims…

PrEP - the revolutionary drug for people at-risk HIV

As of March 1, Aotearoa becomes one of the first countries to publicly fund PrEP - an HIV prevention drug that greatly reduces the risk of…

Queer and trans sex education

The team at Salient TV created this incredible & long overdue sex-ed video that is jam packed with important kaupapa. Ka pai!

Revisiting 100 men I've slept with

Paul took reminiscing about past lovers to the next level and made a documentary about it. 100 Men gave Paul the chance to look back on…

House of Drag

Aotearoa has gotten its very own reality drag show, and it's shaping up to be a stunner! Bunny, Vulga, and first ever reality TV drag king,…

Fighting anti-gay laws in Singapore

In Singapore being gay is a criminal offence. Although the law isn't enforced, queer Singaporeans explain how the law makes them feel like second-class citizens in…

Re:visit - Hudson & Halls

The bond shared by Hudson & Halls was truly spectacular. A love story for the ages ?

How roller derby and art helped me feel comfortable in my own

Ariki identifies as takatāpui, a term for those who don't fit into the binaries of gender and sexuality. Roller derby was a fresh start for Ariki,…

Candy Lee

"That adrenaline rush is like a sugar rush" meet Candy Lee - the wrestler whose signature moves are painfully sweet ???

Meet Miss Auckland Fa'afafine

Current reigning Miss Auckland Fa'afafine, Jessica, sat down with us to talk about the similarities and differences between fa'afafine and transgender, her family, and pageant life…

Re:visit - Georgina Beyer

Georgina Beyer is a groundbreaking, fearless woman; never afraid to speak her mind and stand up for what she believes in ???

Transgender: did you know?

Here are something things to know about trans history and the every-strengthening community.

Dungeon Queering

Every Wednesday in a central Auckland dungeon, a group of adventurers fight forces of darkness...and you're welcome to join!

Gender Neutral Bathrooms - so everyone can wee and poo when they want

When you gotta go you gotta go, but what if there isn't a bathroom for you? ? Is it time more businesses adopted gender neutral bathrooms?…

Vel's story

Vel took some time to chat with us about dysphoria, his journey and the pressures of needing to physically change to outwardly reflect how you feel…

Transngender representation on screen

“I think what's appropriate now is letting trans people tell their own stories." - Jill Soloway, creator of Transparent


Randa took some time out from being incredible to talk identity, fashion and artistic processes over a coffee served in a pastry shell ☕️

Strong sense of self: meet Ben, who's always known who he is

At 11 years old, Ben's self-awareness and courage is extraordinary.

Pasifika definitions of transgender

Long before the documented cases in Western culture, Pasifika people have been identifying trans and other gender non-binary people.

The New Zealand Falcons Rugby Team

Does homophobia exist on the rugby fields of Aotearoa?

Re:visit - Parliament erupts into song when same-sex marriage is legalised in NZ

In 2013 same-sex marriage was legalised in Aotearoa and Parliament burst into a moving rendition of Pokarekare Ana.

Meet Bunny Holiday, Wellington's drag It Girl

Bunny Holiday, shante you stay. We sat down with one of Wellington's drag superstars ??

Josie & T - Sexuality

Josie & T share how they think sex education should be all-inclusive these days ??? WARNING: some of this content can be a bit graphic.

Sarita Das: Pronouns

Meet Sarita, your queer, non-binary, polyamorous, multiracial, intersectional, sex coach. Today Sarita will talk about gender-specific and gender-neutral pronouns.

Is coming out obsolete?

"I see myself as more than how I identify."

Sarita Das: Being Non Binary

What does it mean to be non-binary? Sarita is here to explain!

Why can't gay men donate blood in NZ?

There are no limits on straight people donating.

Twins: Nature vs Nurture

Identical twins, different sexualities.


"Our job as gay people was to come out, to be visible, to live in the truth as I say, to get out of the lie.…

Andrew's story: being gay in a Christian school

Is it time all schools begin to provide a more diverse sexual education for their students?