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Covid update Jan 19: 24 community cases

Wednesday January 19

There are 24 new community cases of Covid-19 today.

Of these, 14 are in Auckland, 1 is in Northland, 1 in Waikato, 5 are in…

Meet Amy: The first baby born through an HIV-positive sperm bank

If a person with HIV is taking effective medication which makes their viral load undetectable, HIV cannot be passed onto their partner or even their baby. 


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How health and wellness influencers became misinformation superspreaders

Influencers have played a significant role in the spread of Covid misinformation and members of the health and wellness community have been among the biggest superspreaders.…

Boundaries, communication, and jealousy: What it’s like being polyamorous

Re: wanted to know what the biggest misconceptions around polyamory are, what it’s like being in a polyamorous relationship and how people cope with jealousy. 

We spoke…

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‘The orgasm is a brain function’: 3 people living with disabilities talk about sex

“The orgasm is a brain function and believe it or not, I do have a brain.” Juliana Carvalho

Everyone experiences sexual pleasure in different ways. We spoke with…

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Today we launch our new sex advice column: Horny On Main

Today we launch the new Re: sex advice column, Horny on Main. You can read the first instalment, How do I get my libido back after…

Aucklanders bought more sex toys than any other region this year

The Satisfyer Pro 2, aka the Harry Styles of sex toys, dominated for the third year in a row.

Summer with Delta: How to stay safe

We asked an expert what to watch out for.

Covid update 11 Dec: 63 new cases, 60 people in hospital

89% of eligible population fully vaccinated.

Too much screen use is giving young people a dry eye disease typically seen in elderly

Aotearoa youth who spend long hours in front of screens are showing signs of an eye condition more commonly found in the elderly, according to new…

Revealed: the sunscreens that don’t live up to their SPF claims

Who's slipping, who's slopping, and who's slapping?

Covid update: 135 new cases, Government purchases new antiviral Pfizer pill

Monday December 6: 4pm

The Government has purchased a new medicine from Pfizer which early research has shown could dramatically reduce the hospitalisation and death of people…

Covid update: 92 new cases in the community

Friday December 3

There are 92 new cases in the community today (back to double digits – woo!). 80 in Auckland, two in Waikato, one in Northland,…

Covid update: More cases in Nelson-Marlborough; 86 people in hospital; 9 in ICU

Today, there are 172 new community cases. 

2 are in Northand, 142 are in Auckland, 15 are in Waikato, 1 is in the Bay of Plenty, 2…

Here’s what we know about the Covid Omicron strain

It's certainly a lot harder to pronounce.

Covid update: Vaccine rollout for children could begin in January; 83 people in hospital

The Government is looking at a "paediatric version" of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Covid update: 86% of eligible population vaccinated; 89 people in hospital

Tuesday 30 November

86 percent of those eligible for the vaccine have now had both doses. There are also 134 new cases today.

Of the new cases, 1…

Traffic light system: Auckland, Northland and parts of central North Island will be red, rest of NZ…

Monday 29 November, 4pm

Today the government has announced which colour each region of New Zealand will be at when the country enters the traffic light system…

Covid-19 Update: 182 new community cases

Today there are 182 new community cases.

Covid update: 1 death; Booster rollout beginning; 82 in hospital

From tomorrow, anyone eligible for a booster shot can get one. An elderly person has also died.

Covid update: 145 new cases, 77 in hospital, one death

Officials are assessing international information on the new Omicron strain.

Covid update: 78 people in hospital. 173 new cases

More than 2 million My Vaccine Passes have been issued ahead of next week.

Covid update: 1 death; 77 people in hospital; 178 new cases

Another person with Covid has died. Today’s new community cases are in Northland, Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Lakes and MidCentral. 

The Ministry of Health said the…

Covid update: 87 people in hospital; travel restrictions ease for vaccinated

International travel restrictions will ease in the New Year for fully vaccinated people.