If you're heading to the beach in the hopes for a swim this weekend, you may be out of luck — the weather is about to get wild as Cyclone Cody comes our way.

Tropical Cyclone Cody hit Fiji on Monday and has caused damage across the country. One person has also died. 

Now, Cyclone Cody is moving south and MetService, New Zealand's national meteorological service, is warning people that there will be dangerous coastal conditions, heavy rain and strong winds. 

On Wednesday morning, MetService meteorologist April Clark said Sunday and Monday would be the days that Cyclone Cody would likely have the largest impact. 

There was some uncertainty as to which parts of the country would be hit with the heaviest and strongest winds but the wild weather would hit a large portion of the country, she said.

The eastern coast from Northland to Wairarapa could expect east to northeast waves.

Five to eight metre-tall waves with long period swells from the east has potential to cause significant impacts on the coast, MetService said on social media.

People who were still on holiday and camping on the coast may not be aware of what's coming, Clark said.

She encouraged people to check in with local residents and local councils. 

"A significant cyclone is coming our way."

Top Image: A person running with an umbrella due to rainy weather. (File photo) Photo: AlexLinch/iStock

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