Under Cover: Erny Belle and Delaney Davidson

In the latest episode of Under Cover we see iconic Lyttelton folk musician Delaney Davidson in conversation with his friend, and Ngāpuhi songwriter, Aimee Renata (Erny Belle). Erny Belle performs Delaney Davidson’s song 'Somethings Wrong' from 2015 album Lucky Guy. Delaney Davidson performs Erny Belle’s 'Hell Hole' from her debut 2022 album Venus Is Home.

Delaney Davidson and Aimee Renata (Erny Belle) first met at the Hollywood Avondale at a Marlon Williams show, it was a full moon and they have become fast friends since.

Returning to the Hollywood, they catch up for a conversation in the upstairs floor of the cinema to talk about what they see occurring in their respective crystal balls; how music threaded into their childhoods; and hidden skills.

Director: Reuben Bonner
Series Producer: Reuben Bonner
Producer: Maddie Walker
Production Manager: Caitlin Gosling
Editor: Hamish Ogilvie
Director of Photography: Daryl Wong
Camera Operator: Warren Rodricks
Camera Assistant: Lara Gamil
Sound Recordist: Micah Livesay
Colourist/Graphics: The Post Office | Steve Gulik
Sound Mix: Brendon Morrow
Theme Music: Earthworm, ‘Have You Seen This Boy’

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