I’m a priest and I’m gay

Pā Cruz opens up about the reality of being a modern-day priest.

Covid update: 113 new community cases, most in Auckland

Of today's cases, 109 are in Auckland, 3 are in Waikato and 1 is in Northland.

Covid update: 139 new cases in the community

136 in Auckland, 2 in Waikato, 1 in Northland.

Covid update: 100 new cases. 76% of eligible people double vaxxed

Of today’s 100 new cases, 97 are in Auckland and 3 are in Waikato.

Covid Update: 29 new cases - 24 in Auckland, 5 in Waikato

Today’s 29 new cases bring the outbreak total to 1448.

Waikato Arena Rampage

Welcome to Hamilton's fighting game tournament, the Waikato Arena Rampage. From humble beginnings, this annual tournament is growing legs as more and more gamers join the…