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I opened a new business during a pandemic | Side by Side

“My dream was to have this place full of people.”

New Zealand lifts its lockdown after seven weeks

Here are some scenes about town as we emerge from our cocoons. We visit a cafe and hair salon to see how they're switching up how…

Behind the scenes as a small business opens up after lockdown

The folks at Electric Chicken show us what it's like to be a small business operator transitioning into a new, post-lockdown world.

Small businesses tell us how we can support them during the pandemic

How they are adapting during lockdown and what we can do to support them.

Designer Wardrobe - starting and growing a business

Six years ago, Donielle Brooke was diagnosed with thyroid cancer – which prompted her to start her own business. She created Designer Wardrobe, a platform for…

Fashion designer told her work wasn't 'Māori enough'

Kohi Woodman was told her designs for her street fashion label IndigenousASF weren't Māori enough. Her response? "It's Māori because I'm Māori."

The return of glass milk bottles?

In the mid-1990s, glass milk bottles were replaced with plastic. This milk delivery service is on a mission to bring glass back. Starting with Raglan, perhaps…

Meet the Dolly Doctor

If your beloved doll is in need of some sprucing - say it's missing a limb or needs a hair upgrade - you can visit Christine…

The Raglan cafe banning takeaway coffee cups

A single-use coffee cup has a very short lifespan. A Raglan cafe owner noticed how customers would only get as far as the end of the…

Shoe School

Looking for a shoe that fits your size and taste perfectly? Why not make it yourself? Lou Clifton runs Shoe School, where she teaches people how…

Saving the world one toothbrush at a time

Sophie began WYMO (Wash Your Mouth Out) to help combat some of the immense plastic waste we leave around, especially at temporary events like festivals.

Massage tips from a pro

A massage from Lucy at Nicetouch NZ is a dream, so we wanted to know her secret. She took us inside her studio for expert tips…

Undies for your period

There's a new way to go about your day when you're on your period. These 'period undies' from I am Eva are combatting the 'ick' factor…