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The toasty mockumentary that won these teens an award at the 48Hours film competition

‘Toasted’ is a funny, goofy, mockumentary-style takedown of men who are just a little too self-indulgent and in love with their own abilities.

Lemon Lemon, the team…

The Creamery - In Deep | 48Hours

A group of young men organise a complex series of events to get their friend talking to the girl of his dreams. But who is heisting…

Tasteful Sideboob - Hydrangea | 48Hours

During a Reiki session, Rosie is challenged by her own subconscious and not all is as it seems.


Best Performer
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Underwater Dreams - Jebivetar | 48Hours

A therapy session digs deep as a couple enthusiastically pursue the seemingly pointless, invisible and impossible.

Nominated for:

Dame Gaylene Preston & WIFT Best Female Director
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Kinaki - Good as Gold | 48Hours

Hungry for adventure, the Rogue runner sets out on an intrepid journey seeking a tropical treasure that is as good as gold.

Nominated for:

Best Editing
Best Director
Best Cinematography