Your fear of sharks is irrational but not your fault

More New Zealanders are injured every year by alpacas and rabbits than by sharks, according to ACC. 

Seeing the ocean is enough to improve our mental health, but we’re not sure why

This World Oceans Day, we relook at how the ocean can improve our mental health.

Kai Ika is saving unwanted fish heads and feeding communities | Seasick | Ep 6

New ideas to help build a clean blue reputation for the Hauraki Gulf.

What Aotearoa can learn about sustainable fisheries in Iceland

“Most of the policies and resource management that we have in place for the ocean and freshwater restrict the rights of iwi. So what we need…

Welcome the cyborg turtle: NZ researcher designs prosthetic fin for turtles

A New Zealand researcher has designed a prosthetic fin for sea turtles to help the endangered species recover after their fins are damaged.

All seven species of…

Rare sighting of huge Pygmy Blue Whales

This winter is the second winter in a row that Pygmy Blue Whales have been spotted in Tīkapa Moana o Hauraki (Auckland's Hauraki Gulf). We head…

Acidification of the ocean

Our oceans are becoming more acidic, meaning major impacts on life under the sea. Cliff from NIWA New Zealand explains what's ocean acidification means and how…