Your fear of sharks is irrational but not your fault

More New Zealanders are injured every year by alpacas and rabbits than by sharks, according to ACC. 

Seeing the ocean is enough to improve our mental health, but we’re not sure why

This World Oceans Day, we relook at how the ocean can improve our mental health.

A deep dive on commercial fishing in the Hauraki Gulf | Seasick | Ep 2

How do we balance having fish in shops and restaurants, without over exploiting our marine life.

Fishing the Hauraki Gulf for fun, and its impact | Seasick | Ep 3

"What's alarming is not what's left in the water, it's what has gone."

What's polluting the Hauraki Gulf, and some solutions | Seasick | Ep 4

We explore Auckland’s 100-year-old sewerage system and why not to swim after heavy rain.

Mātauranga Māori and healing the Hauraki Gulf | Seasick | Ep 5

How traditional and dynamic practices like rāhui are helping protect marine life.

The future of the Hauraki Gulf | Seasick | Ep 7

What is being done to save it? Stories of hope.

Teaching urban Māori lost skills of how to gather kaimoana safely

“It's scary because the rate in which Māori men are drowning continues to increase.”

Mystery continues over how female eagle rays got pregnant without any males

When Aretha Franklin and Annie Lennox said “sisters are doin’ it for themselves,” perhaps they were imagining two female eagle rays at a New Zealand aquarium…

Auckland's Seabin

That pesky plastic is a global problem, but the Viaduct Harbour has a new, innovative technology to keep Tāmaki Makaurau's waterways looking pristine: Seabins!

Hello hammerheads

A school of baby hammerhead sharks was spotted in the shallows of Great Barrier Island over summer. Have you seen any sharks while you've been out…

The Floating Foundation

Craig traded in his DJ gear for a boat and took to the South Pacific to do a whole lot of good. The Floating Foundation provides…

These underwater sculptures could save the South Pacific's sea life

British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor creates underwater figures that are not only incredibly eye-catching, they're ever-evolving, marine-life-saving works of art!

Why are so many Māori drowning in Aotearoa?

The connection between Māori and te moana (the sea) is strong, so why is it that tāngata whenua make up 22% of drownings in Aotearoa?