Behind the scenes of Nude Tuesday: the NZ orgy comedy entirely in gibberish

Harrison talked to the star and director of the new film where nobody makes any sense.

Thomasin McKenzie is pretty bloody good at acting

“It is definitely in my blood,” Thomasin says.

NZ's best new filmmaker of the year shares her top 5 films of all time

Matasila Freshwater, winner of the 2019 SPADA (Screen Production and Development Association) award for New Filmmaker of the Year, sat down with Re: to share her…

The Wilhelm Scream

You've heard it before, but you might not know it yet! Get in on one of the film industry's biggest inside jokes: The Wilhelm Scream 😱🎥

Two teenage girls who murdered

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Combat School

The first rule of The New Zealand Stage Combat School limited is: well, it's all for show.

Dante's Peak vs. Tāmaki Makaurau

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the City of Sails got Dante's-Peaked? And more importantly what would happen to the KFCs? We have 🌋🌏💥🍗

Taking a look at racism in cartoons

Cartoons are innocent, fun and... racist? From Dragonball Z to The Simpsons, cartoons back in the day weren't as innocent as they seemed.