Free Cinematic Luts: Shit Chat | 48 Hours

Taking refuge at a music festival leads to a deep conversation and the unloading of a heavy burden.

Ant Timpson Wildcard

Nominated for: Best Performer

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Lemon Lemon: Toasted | 48Hours

An amateur documentary crew enters the home of Steven the superhero, whose claim to fame is that he can make toast with his eyes.

Won: Best Under…

Howie Mandel Fan Club: Sharla and the Smiths | 48Hours

As Sharla prepares for college things begin to fall apart in the final season of her family sitcom.

Wellington, Newlands College

Won: Best School Team

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Apple Fork: A Matter Of Time | 48Hours

An inventive man gets more than he bargained for when he messes with time-travel.

Won: Grand National Runner-up

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Awkward Animations: Unfinished Symphony | 48Hours

A stop motion artist breathes life into old junk to create a delightful symphony.

Nominated for:

Best Director
Ant Timpson Solo/Duo Award

Auckland City WInner
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Couch Kumara: Pre-Emptive Defence | 48Hours

A student has a dire medical emergency in the midst of a self-defence class.

Nominated for:

L’Affare Ultra 48 Award
Best Cinematography

Wellington City Runner-up
Best Editing
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Cyan Sea: Max | 48Hours

As Max begins to find hope again, the terrors of her past drag her back into the dark.

Ant Timpson Wildcard

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Disqualified Tim: Banana Boys | 48Hours

We built and destroyed a full sized B17 bomber specifically and only for this competition. Also known as “Banana Boys”

A war photographer boards a plane armed…

Dystography Studios: The Last Lord of Scotland | 48Hours

A premature marriage proposal inspires authentic conversations as a photographer tries to capture the magic moment.

Nominated for: Best Script

Won: Christchurch City Runner-up

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I Love Loops: Loot & Blunder | 48Hours

The wacky misadventures of two unlovable rogues focused on hoarding treasure when what they actually need is a lifeline.

Nominated for:

Dame Gaylene Preston & WIFT Best Female…

Mitchell's Here - Āta | 48Hours

A simple being ventures to The Great Altar. What they witness cannot be unseen.

Grand National 2nd Runner-up

Nominated for:

Ant TImpson Solo/Duo Award

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Pastafarian Productions - Rekindled Spirits | 48Hours

June and Trevor go camping to revive a relationship that is on the rocks. 

Nominated for:

L'Affare Ultra48
Dame Gaylene Preston & WIFT Best Female Director

Best Script
Best Animation
Best Score/Song


Qualified Tim - “DAS BANANA-BOOT” | 48Hours

A war photographer boards a plane armed with activated bombs. Under heavy fire she must find a way to release them before they explode.

Nominated for:

Best Production…

Snack To The Future - Judy | 48Hours

A woman forms an unlikely friendship with her partner’s blow-up doll, after trust is broken in their relationship.

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The Creamery - In Deep | 48Hours

A group of young men organise a complex series of events to get their friend talking to the girl of his dreams. But who is heisting…

Kinaki - Good as Gold | 48Hours

Hungry for adventure, the Rogue runner sets out on an intrepid journey seeking a tropical treasure that is as good as gold.

Nominated for:

Best Editing
Best Director
Best Cinematography

BAE24: The Dying Art of Cat Burglary | 48Hours

A cat burglar in training gets the surprise of his life when he encounters an unexpected situation.

Nominated for:

L’Affare Ultra 48 Award
Best Director

Christchurch City Winner
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Traces of Nut: Good Girl | 48Hours

Introducing the 48Hours 2021 Grand National Champion… ‘Good Girl’ by Traces of Nut.

In ‘Good Girl’, a professional dog walker becomes immersed in a self-help podcast and…

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Why we can't have sex with our family

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Revisiting 100 men I've slept with

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Re:View: What do alien invasion movies tell us about white people?

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The infamous 27 club

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Conlang - the language of Nerdom

Conlangs are languages spurred from fantasy worlds and far away galaxies, but it doesn't mean they're any less real. We take a look at some of…

Breakin' Up with Jackie, Ana & Madeline ?

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The rise of Cli-Fi - Help or Hindrance?

Cli-Fi - it's the movie genre thundering its way onto our screens. But are all those super storms & tsunamis helping or hindering the Climate Change…

The costume of a terrorist

How would you describe a terrorist? It's a term loaded with racist tropes, reinforced by Hollywood stereotypes. Re: takes a closer look at how this came…