Election Showdown

Policy breakdown: Housing

What will different political parties do to fix our housing crisis?

Policy breakdown: Health

Get an overview of each New Zealand political parties' policy on health.

People tell us what they are struggling to afford

From June 2022 to June 2023, grocery food prices alone increased 12.8%.

Policy breakdown: Rainbow rights

Here's what political parties say they'll do about rainbow rights if they're elected.

Voters tell us why they’re voting - and why they’re not

At the last election over 77,000 people between the ages of 18-24 didn’t vote.

Which political parties get the most donations?

It’s no secret political parties rely heavily on donations to do what they do.

TVNZ Young Voters' Debate

Watch the full replay of the debate on the issues affecting young people this election.

Do voters feel like youth crime is getting worse?

We asked them if the issue will affect how they vote in the upcoming election.

Youth crime isn’t more common, it’s just more visible

The past 15 years have actually seen a dramatic decline in youth crime, according MOJ stats.

Nearly half of NZers can't afford to go to the dentist

NZ’s dental care system is in crisis, what is the fix?

PM Chris Hipkins answers your questions

“Oh, crikey, that's quite a question.”