Monkeypox has officially arrived in NZ, so what is it?

“It is less contagious than Covid-19 and the outbreaks are much smaller,” Krause says.

I have a 50% chance of inheriting a fatal disease. Should I take the test to find out my future?

Lillian Hanly has a 50/50 chance of inheriting Huntington’s, a neurodegenerative disease.

If someone has a 50% chance of passing a fatal disease onto their children, should they have kids?

Lillian Hanly has a 50% chance of inheriting Huntington's, a fatal neurodegenerative disease.

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A new study has linked deforestation with a higher risk of disease in humans. The researchers say we need to protect global forests to prevent future…

A recovered Covid-19 case has a message for people her age

23-year-old Jasmine's experience with Covid-19 was unlike anything she'd ever experienced before. She has now recovered and is out of the isolation tent in her family…

How NZ caused a deadly pacific pandemic

84 years after influenza killed 22% of Samoa's population, New Zealand apologised for not doing more to protect Samoan citizens. So what actually happened in 1918?