Baz Macdonald

How our dead bodies can be good for the planet

Cremating one person requires the same energy as the average New Zealand household uses in a month.

Ranking the best masks to protect you from Covid-19

My Vaccine pass will soon no longer be required. Masks, however, are just as vital as ever.

Russians in NZ tell us how they feel about Putin

"We have a common enemy - this enemy called Vladimir Putin."

Covid on Castle Street: the Otago studentville outbreak

1 in 5 people have tested positive in the last week in Dunedin.

How convoy protestors are setting up for the long haul in Wellington

The convoy protest outside Parliament has been going for 10 days.

We ask the anti-mandate convoy why they're protesting

As we enter day four of the convoy protest in Wellington, there doesn't appear to be a clear end in sight. We hit the streets to…

The everyday NZers hunting down online conspiracy theorists

Update (18/05/22): 

During the protest at Parliament in Wellington, a research centre called The Disinformation Project reviewed social media data daily. 

On March 2, hundreds of protesters were…

Aroha in the moana: Meet NZ’s cutest freediving couple

Freedivers Reremoana and Dion have built their love along the seabed of Tairāwhiti/Gisborne.

New Zealand has 100,000 empty homes, and 100,000 homeless people

New Zealand has 100,000 empty houses, while also having 100,000 homeless. We explore why.

Two generations discuss their journeys with te reo Māori

Karen Leef and Joyce Kupe-Stephens sat down to to talk about their shared histories and struggles.

The impact of dairy on our freshwater | Milk and Money | Episode 2

In Episode 2: Water, we explore the state of freshwater in New Zealand.

NZ doubled our dairy cows in 30 years, but it took 600% more fertiliser | Milk and Money | Episode 3

“We don’t exactly know how many cows we could sustain, but it’s a hell of a lot less than we have."

How Aotearoa built its dairy empire on billions of dollars of debt | Milk and Money | Episode 1

Milk and Money, our series investigating the dairy industry is here.

Why our dairy cows produce more emissions than our cars | Milk and Money | Episode 4

“The right thing to do is for all us dairy farmers to try to pull our weight."

Our soil quality has been declining for decades. Dairy is making it worse | Milk and Money…

“In a teaspoon of soil, there are as many microbes than there are mammals on the planet."

Why we may not need cows to make milk | Milk and Money | Episode 6

Half of calves in New Zealand are killed within days or weeks of being born.

Should Aotearoa cut ties with the Queen?

Is it time to cut ties with the Queen? We take a deep dive into all sides of this issue.

2020 in 2 minutes

A 2020 wrap-up to end all 2020 wrap-ups. Here’s 2020 summed up in two minutes.

We asked a graphic designer to rate election billboards

Wellington graphic designer Matt does deep analysis of the colours, grammar and symbols of election billboards in the Ōhāriu electorate.

The simple guide to dealing with online conspiracy

A step-by-step guide on what to do when you encounter a piece of unverified information online.

More affordable, more walkable and more resilient: plans for Wellington’s CBD

How Wellington's CBD will keep up with its rapid population growth.

Meet the 25-year-old behind New Zealand's Covid fight

Tara Swadi is only 25 but she's the chief advisor for the Ministry of Health's Covid-19 response. The last two months have been... busy. She's looking…

Live music's fight to survive Covid-19

It's estimated the NZ live music industry has lost $68 million due to Covid-19. Musicians, venue owners and all those who love music are rallying us…

Beautiful post-lockdown reunions to make you cry

Take two minutes to soak up the love and joy in these level 2 reunion moments. Then give your loved ones some bone-crushing hugs!

Midwives say we're going to have a baby boom because of lockdown

Midwives predict we'll be looking at a baby boom around Christmas time. Looks like all that time holed up in our homes has been quite productive.


Queuing up for Maccas at alert level 3

It's been a long 4-5 weeks without our takeaways fix. Baz Macdonald braves the lines at a McDonalds drive thru on the first day of alert…

Lockdown games to play on your phone, even if you're not a gamer

The World Health Organisation has launched a campaign to encourage us to stay home and play video games with each other to socialise. Gamers already know…

New Zealand's Muslim community reacts to Christchurch terrorist's guilty plea

On the 26th March, the terrorist responsible for the Christchurch mosque attacks pled guilty to all charges. Muslim New Zealander of the year Asim Mukhtar talks…

Students tell us the most racist thing about New Zealand

Students at Victoria University talk about the insidious nature of racism in New Zealand, and how the classroom is the key place to produce change.

Why kea are being killed by lead poisoning on the West Coast

Kea are curious and clever native parrots who are known to steal tramping boots and peck at your car tyres. Unfortunately, they’ve recently been declared to…